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Why Hampers Are The Perfect Choice For Client And Team Appreciation

25 Nov 2023

As the most wonderful time of year rolls around again, it’s a golden opportunity to show your clients and team how much you appreciate their business and loyalty.

What better way to do that than with a British gourmet hamper filled with festive goodies that will get them smiling like a kid on Christmas morning!


Let's unwrap why you should be sending hampers as your corporate gifts!

 1.            It’s Great For Relationship Building

A hamper isn’t just a gift, it’s a gesture that can strengthen your professional relationships. It’s a wonderful way to show gratitude and personal connection. When someone receives a hamper, it creates a feeling of joy and anticipation which resonates deeply. This will reinforce the relationship you share with your clients.


2.            It’s Unique

Each one of our hampers is like receiving a gourmet treasure trove! It’s filled with artisan-produced, unique and hand-picked items which shows that you see them as more than just an employee or client. Getting a gift like this really stands out and will make someone feel genuinely special.


3.            It’s Personal

Adding a touch of personalisation is key to corporate gifting. You want your gift to be appreciated and noticed - that’s something we can help with! Our corporate hampers can be tailored to meet your recipients' specific needs, whether that’s by adding any special dietary foods, a particular item you know they’ll love or even branded items from your company. As an added bonus, you’re able to add your own message to each gift card which will reinforce the value to place on your relationship.


4.            It’s Memorable

Quality always trumps quantity and a hamper brimming with high-quality gourmet treats will leave a lasting impression! Giving a hamper is gifting an experience – from receiving at the door to delving through the box to discover what’s inside and then sharing the contents with loved ones. These are all memories that they will associate with your company – and you can’t put a price on that!


5.            It’s Fun!

A hamper is like offering a fine food lucky dip. The anticipation of what you may find inside and the excitement of trying new and delicious foods adds an element of fun and surprise to the experience. This aspect solidifies the emotional connection your client or team have with your company.


In the end, the hamper isn’t just about the contents, it’s a reminder of how much you value them and your working relationship. So embrace the tradition of gift-giving this Christmas and say thank you in a way that will delight them!


But don’t just take our word for it.

Here are some interesting statistics to show why gifting is paramount to your business.


  • A study from the Advertising Specialty Institute revealed that recipients of corporate gifts are 85% more likely to interact with the brand, fostering repeat business and referrals.

  • According to the Incentive Research Foundation, well-executed corporate gifting can improve business performance by as much as 44%.

  • A study by Delighted found that 78% of business partners felt more valued after receiving a corporate gift.

  • Research by Sendoso reveals that 57% of workers felt an elevated sense of worth when they received gifts via post.


So, now we’ve given you the reasons why you should gift a hamper, we can now help you decide which one!

We have a wide selection of gifts for clients and team members for you to choose from. We can also deliver to over 50 countries so distance doesn’t need to stop you from sending a gift.


Get in contact with us to chat about your requirements and together we’ll curate a corporate gift that will be the talk of the office!