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Sympathy and Bereavement Gifts

Sympathy and Bereavement Gifts
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Send your heartfelt condolences with a sympathy hamper

We understand when expressing condolences and support after the loss of a loved one, words alone by not always suffice.

To help during this difficult time, we have crafted these hampers with care, offering a range of memorial gifts to help loved one remember those they hold dear.

Our sympathy hampers are designed to convey your deepest condolences and to offer gestures of love and warmth. They are there to remind your loved ones that they are not alone in their grief.

Explore our range of sympathy hampers, each designed to provide a moment of respite and healing, allowing you to send your heartfelt condolences with grace and compassion.

Use the options on the side of this page to filter anniversary hampers by theme, dietary requirement or delivery country, or use the sort by the option to arrange hampers by price.

If you need any help deciding or are looking to build a hamper, please contact our customer experience specialists via phone on +44 (0)1522 581581, by emailing or via our live chat below.

Sympathy Gifts from The British Hamper Company


What are the best sympathy gifts?

When it comes to offering comfort in difficult times, a meaningful gift can provide some comfort and let the recipient know that they are not alone. 

Where possible, a personalised or sentimental gift can mean the most. 


Here are some suggestions to offer your condolences:


1. Memorial Keepsakes

Sometimes, it's the small gestures that can mean the most. An engraved photo frame or personalised candle can be a lasting tribute to their loved one.


2. Books

Comforting words can be incredibly healing. A book of poems or advice on how to move through grief can provide comfort and guidance through their journey.


3. Gift Hampers

Food brings us all closer together and a gift hamper with comforting teas and delicious treats is like sending a warm embrace to let you know you're there for them. 


4. Plants or flowers

Nature has a way of uplifting our spirits and can convey emotions when words may fall short. Sending either the recipient's or their loved ones' favourite flowers or colours demonstrates thoughtfulness and that you are thinking of them during a challenging time.


5. Spa gift boxes

Allow them to take a moment for themselves. Relaxing bath essentials and pamper items is a gentle reminder that they need to take time for themselves and to practise some self-care. 


6. Gift certificates

Grief looks different for everyone and doesn't have a timeline so ongoing support is invaluable. Offering a gift certificate is a wonderful way to check in with remind them that you are thinking of them, weeks or months after their loss. It allows them to reflect and purchase a gift that resonates with how their feeling at the time.

What are sympathy gifts to send that are not flowers?

When someone is experiencing loss, people send flowers to show their support and to offer condolences. If you would like to send something different, it can be tricky to know what's best.


Here are some ideas on what you can send instead of flowers:


1. A handwritten card

Sometimes the simplest idea is the most meaningful. In the digital world we live in, a handwritten card or letter shows genuine care and that you've taken time to craft a heartfelt message. Sharing a favourite memory or something you admired about the person who has passed will bring great comfort to the recipient. 


2. A self-care kit

During difficult times it's easy to forget to take after yourself. Sending a care box is a gentle reminder to the recipient to take some time out for them. A bath set, a cosy blanket, a voucher for a massage, a candle or a book will show that you care about the recipient's wellbeing.


3. Food and drink

Food is a huge comfort to people during tough times. Sending a gift hamper that can be shared with family and friends encourages gatherings that will in turn provide support and the opportunity to reflect.


4. Plant a tree

Planting a tree serves as a living and tangible memorial to the loved one. Over time, it can become a place of reflection, remembrance and somewhere to visit to seek comfort. 


5. Offer something practical 

A common question people are asked when they lose a loved one is 'How can I help?'. This is almost always turned down as it can be too overwhelming to think of what they need. However, a direct offer to take care of something specific could alleviate some stress. Running errands, organising childcare or offering help with arrangements for the funeral are ways that you can help someone who may be struggling to navigate tasks whilst grieving. 

Why send a luxury food hamper as a sympathy present?

Sending a food hamper offers comfort and is a meaningful way to express your condolences during their difficult time. 


A hamper is something that can be shared with others and encourages connections with family and friends who are navigating grief together. It offers a time for reflection, shared memories and fun stories which can provide a much needed moment of happiness.


Sending a luxury hamper also gives you the opportunity to include a personalised card to show your support during their tough time. 

How are the sympathy hampers delivered?

We send sympathy gifts to over 40 countries via our long-standing courier partner.


Each sympathy hamper is sent out on a tracked express service, so you can watch the hamper’s journey to your recipient’s door.


We offer next day gift basket delivery within the UK and international hamper delivery within a matter of working days.


To see international gift delivery timescales to your chosen country, please select from the delivery country options on the side of this page and check the deliver by date shown below each gift basket.


Once you select your delivery country, you will be able to see the total cost for each hamper including delivery fees to your destination.


Please note cheese and alcohol gift delivery is available within the UK only.