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The BHC Range

This Summer, we're thrilled to launch our curated collection. British classics with a modern twist, our produce is a celebration of Britain's most skilled makers, bakers, and growers.
                                                    This is Passion Through Flavour. 

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Passion Through Flavour

For 10 years we've searched the length and breadth of our country for dedicated artisans who have mixed, whisked, kneaded, baked and fermented true passion for flavour and provenance into small batch produced British treats.

We've built long-lasting and valued partnerships with our producers and we're proud to work with each and every one.

We may have delivered over 1 million products to people in over 50 countries, but our mission to take artisan Britain global is only just beginning.

We're partnered with a number of exceptional artisans that stand head and shoulders above others. This Summer, we’re delighted to have curated these artisans into our own collection.

This is British artisan excellence. This is Passion Through Flavour. 


We've spent 10 years working with independent creators to give the world a taste of artisan Britain.

Now, we've curated the best in class into our own collection. A collection British artisan excellence. 

The Collection. More coming over summer!

Rich Buttery Shortbread Rich Buttery Shortbread
All Butter Cheddar Biscuits All Butter Cheddar Biscuits
Raspberry Zing Jam Raspberry Zing Jam
Red Onion Marmalade Red Onion Marmalade
Strawberry Blast Jam Strawberry Blast Jam
Blood Orange Marmalade Blood Orange Marmalade
Bean To Bar Milk Chocolate Bean To Bar Milk Chocolate
British Breakfast Tea British Breakfast Tea
Caramel Sea Salt Fudge Caramel Sea Salt Fudge
The Artisan Collection The Artisan Collection
The Breakfast In Bed Collection The Breakfast In Bed Collection
The Afternoon Tea Collection The Afternoon Tea Collection
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  • Rich Buttery Shortbread

    Baked by hand in a Suffolk kitchen – a simple trio of ingredients combined with passion by master artisan bakers.

  • All Butter Cheddar Biscuits

    Grated British cheddar and Italian hard cheese are baked by hand into these buttery cheese biscuits by master bakers in Suffolk.

  • Raspberry Zing Jam

    Batch cooked in Essex using traditional pans and carefully selected English and Scottish raspberries.

  • Red Onion Marmalade

    Caramelised in small batches in East Anglia, this marmalade is sweet, tangy and the perfect accompaniment to a cheese board.

  • Strawberry Blast Jam

    Made by hand in small batches in Essex using the plumpest, juiciest British strawberries.

  • Blood Orange Marmalade

    Small batch marmalade created in the heart of Essex selected using the juiciest Blood Oranges and stacks of artisan passion.

  • Bean To Bar Milk Chocolate

    Handcrafted in partnership with artisan chocolatier Willie Harcourt-Cooze in Devon.

  • British Breakfast Tea

    Robust black tea meticulously blended by artisan tea experts in Lincolnshire.

  • Caramel Sea Salt Fudge

    Crafted by the Cornish sea in Padstow using the finest local ingredients. This is artisan fudge at its most decadent.