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How To Celebrate Christmas With A Remote Team

02 Oct 2023

It’s the season to be jolly but trying to bring a remote team together during the Christmas period to celebrate can be tough!

It’s times like this when you need to be creative and find ways to bond as a team in new and exciting ways.

So grab your Santa hat and Zoom meeting link and check our list of ways that you and your team can sleigh your remote Christmas celebration.


  1. Host A Virtual Secret Santa

Even if your team can’t physically be together this Christmas, you can still have fun with a virtual gift exchange!

  • Use a Secret Santa generator online like to pair your team up
  • Set a budget to fit everyone’s comfort zone
  • Encourage everyone to send their gifts to their recipient
  • Host the big reveal on a video call and remember to keep who got who a secret!


  1. Hold A Christmas Jumper Day

Who doesn’t love a Christmas jumper? And better yet, an ugly Christmas jumper!

Let your team embrace their inner Christmas fashion guru and get them together on a video call to vote for the best, worst, outlandish and funniest jumpers.

If you’re feeling particularly generous, each winner can win a prize – this will encourage even the Grinches of the group to get involved.


  1. Recipe Swap Shop

Food brings everyone together, especially at Christmas. Your team can share their favourite festive recipes and set a date for a virtual cook along or bake off! Extra brownie points (see what we did there?!) if they can cook their culinary delight live on the call.


  1. The Gift of Giving

Tis’ the season for giving back! You could consider a charity drive or commit to volunteering virtually. Check out to find out all the ways you can volunteer online.

This could be a really meaningful way to celebrate the spirit of Christmas and make a positive impact as a team.


Another way to to give a gift to each of your team that they can open together on a video call. Be sure to check out out Christmas hampers for a present sure to get them smiling!


  1. Host A Virtual Awards Ceremony

Round off the year with a team celebration by giving out awards for categories such as:

  • ‘Best Office DJ’ for the one with the best music taste
  • ‘The Energiser Bunny’ for the one who brings the most energy and enthusiasm
  • ‘The Joker’ to the one who always has something funny to say!
  • ‘The Tech Guru’ to celebrate the one everyone calls the moment they have a tech issue


This would be a great way to reminisce over the team’s efforts and camaraderie over the year and celebrate your wins!


We'd love to hear if you give any of these a go and we're of course here to help if you choose Christmas hampers