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Christmas Around The World – USA

Christmas around the world USA
We head away from the UK now and take our final journey across the Atlantic Ocean, travelling southwest for 6,830km to the United States of America. Covering a massive area of 9.834 million  square km and with a population…

Christmas Around The World – Sweden

Christmas around the world Sweden
We say goodbye to our friends in Spain and head northeast for 2,675km to Sweden. Located in Scandinavia in the north of Europe, Sweden covers an area of 450,295 square km and has a population of over 10 million people. They…

Christmas Around The World – Spain

Christmas around the world Spain
We leave Romania and head southwest across Europe for 2,391km to Spain for our next destination on our Christmas tour around the world. Located on the Iberian Peninsula, Spain covers an area of 505,990 square km and has a population…

Christmas Around The World – Romania

Christmas around the world Romania
As we head for our next destination on our Christmas tour around the world, we leave Puerto Rico and travel northeast for 8,680km to Romania. Located in southeast Europe, Romania covers an area of 238,397 square km and has…

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