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The Perils Of Last-Minute Gifting And The Magic Of Gift By Text

01 Dec 2023

Gifting Statistics*

  • 43% of shoppers believe they spend more by leaving it to the last minute and panic buying.
  • 35% of people admit that they buy the first thing that jumps out at them or something that they can wrap easily when they are in a rush to buy a present.
  • 19% of Brits leave their Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve!
  • London shoppers are 50% panic buying gifts at the last minute followed by Birmingham (49%) and Sheffield (47%)


Leaving gift buying to the last minute is a familiar dilemma for lots of us. Time flies by much faster than we expect it to, leading to frantic scrambles of trying to find a personalised, thoughtful gift in your lunch break!

But fear not, we have a solution to rescue you – Our Gift By Text option! Let’s dive into the perils of last-minute gifting and how our Gift By Text with same day delivery can be your saving grace.


Panic Purchasing

Ever found yourself desperately grabbing the most random item on a shelf because you forgot your best friend's birthday? These kinds of panic purchases can end up being impersonal and generic. It can be obvious to the recipient that you forgot!


A Misfit Gift

Last-minute purchasing can lead to some questionable decisions. You may end up buying something that your recipient has no interest in or need for. Like buying a cookbook for someone who prefers a takeaway!


The Infamous Re-Gift

We’ve all done it at some point – passed along a gift that you’ve not used or liked. You wrap it up and give it to someone else. It’s a risky move! It could lead to an awkward moment if the original gift giver ever found out or worse yet, you accidentally give it back to the person who bought it for you!


The Solution: Gift By Text!

Say goodbye to last-minute dashes to the supermarket – our Gift By Text is an e-voucher that is sent directly to your recipient's phone or email address on the day you choose – it can even be the same day!

Same Day Gifting – Forgotten your parents’ anniversary? No problem! With Gift By Text, you can send a same day gift hamper.

They’ll receive an e-voucher for a gift they love and you’ll be saved from the ‘Oops, I forgot’ conversation.

Personalised Presents – Our e-vouchers aren’t just convenient, they can also be personalised! Each of our hampers contains a free gift card that you can add your heartfelt message to.

Additionally, if you can’t find them the perfect hamper in our extensive range, you can send them a bespoke hamper through our Make Your Own option.

An Eco-Friendly Gift – With an e-voucher, there is no physical waste. It’s a thoughtful way to send a gift whilst being kind to the planet.


How Does It Work?

Simply add one of our gourmet hampers to your cart and at checkout, select that you’d like to send it as a Gift By Text. On the day you select, your recipient will get a message from us letting them know you’ve bought them a hamper and they can arrange a delivery time and address that suits them.

To read a more detailed guide, click here.

And it’s as simple as that! It’s a quick and easy option that’s sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face!


See what your recipient receives when you send a Gift By Text:



Looking for a last minute gift to send for a special occasion? Explore some of our most popular ranges using the links below:


And don’t forget, we offer a next day delivery UK service too! Simply place your order before 1pm and select ‘UK Next Working Day’ as your delivery country at checkout.

Discover our full selection of UK next day delivery gifts here.


Happy stress-free gifting!


*Statistics taken from a survey taken by Sainsbury’s Bank Credit Cards


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