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Employee Appreciation: Five Mini Christmas Hampers to Reward Your Staff

07 Dec 2018

Gestures of staff appreciation can be underrated, ignored or devalued by just ‘going through the motions’ with low quality gifting. Delight your workforce this season with genuinely thoughtful gifts – these mini Christmas hampers are an affordable yet luxurious treat.

Rewarding your staff doesn’t have to be expensive and it can go a long way in boosting moral and productivity. Here are five low cost mini Christmas hampers that will go a long way in showing your workers you care.


Retailing at £30.97 delivered, the Traditional Treats Hamper is not overly expensive, but still goes a long way in telling your employees you care. For that price you can gift a hard-working member of staff a stack of cheddar biscuits, fudge from the Cotswolds and luxury Venezuelan chocolate.

They can also enjoy delicious hickory smoked almonds and cashews and toffee waffles, all wrapped up in a British Hamper Company folding lid gift package. This mini Christmas hamper would be an excellent way to say thank you for all of your hard work, without breaking the bank. 


For just an extra £3, you could buy your workers our Christmas Cheer Hamper, a festively themed mini Christmas hamper that would go down a treat. Similar to the Traditional Treats Hamper, this gift basket contains almonds, cashews and fudge, however, it has many more Christmassy themed nibbles.

Your staff could instead enjoy milk chocolate Santas, an iced Christmas cake bar and traditional mulled wine spice to really put them in the festive spirit. Again, this mini Christmas hamper is not overly expensive and can really make the people who work with you feel appreciated and cared for.


If there is a notorious tea drinker in the office, then this would be the perfect mini Christmas hamper for them. Priced at only £49.97, the Afternoon Tea Hamper contains two different flavours of tea, with many nibbles to go along with them, such as a Dark Rich Fruit Cake, shortbread, and raspberry and vanilla jam. 

This hamper really has a personal touch to it and could make someone’s Christmas, without being too expensive. It is the best gift for employers to be personal with their giving, while being careful with the budget.


For a different kind of deeply personal gift, look at the Diabetic Treats Gift. This mini hamper shows you have put extra thought into the present and have considered a person’s dietary needs, making them feel included and cared for.

The hamper will treat your sugarless friend to luxury low sugar milk chocolate, cheddar biscuits and sugar free oat crunch biscuits, with a box of Fairtrade English breakfast tea to wash it all down. At just under £30 the Diabetic Treats Gift is very personal and well-priced, so you won’t have to worry about going over budget.


For all the vegan, animal lovers in the office, look at buying them the Vegan Delights Gift Hamper. This is a slightly larger hamper and so it is slightly more expensive at just under £40, however it is perfect for anyone who is avoiding meat and dairy products.

Packed full of vegan friendly treats such as sweet apple crisps, salt and sweet Yorkshire Popcorn and olive, walnut and pimeton toast, this hamper is not only animal friendly, but also very healthy. 

Again, gifting this hamper will show your employee that you care and are aware of their dietary needs, meaning they feel more appreciated and valued as someone who works for you. 

For the full range of our mini Christmas hampers, click here and take a look for yourself. There are plenty of affordable gift baskets on offer that would be perfect to really show your workforce you care and that you value them. For multiple orders head over to our corporate page for more information.