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Eco-Friendly Christmas Decoration Ideas

18 Nov 2023

Aiming for a greener Christmas this year?

Looking for environmentally friendly or plastic-free alternatives this Christmas?


More of us than ever are looking for ways to protect the planet.

We’re making changes in our daily lives to ensure a cleaner, safer and more productive environment for future generations.

What better a time to make some changes than at Christmas?! Usually a time for excesses!

But being eco-friendly doesn’t mean dullness and going without.  Not at all!

With a little more effort and (some) imagination, you can have all the magical trimmings of Christmas but in a greener way!

Let us suggest a few changes:


  • If you like a real tree choose a ‘grown in Britain - certified tree’, therefore avoiding importation and all the risks that are involved.

Forestry England ( has some great tips on how to make sure the tree is as sustainable as can be. They advise buying trees from UK plantations that try to minimize the impact of their operations, don’t use pesticides and are mindful of water and energy usage.

  • For a really sustainable tree, why not try a potted Christmas tree?

These may be smaller than your average tree but they come with roots intact and after Christmas can be allowed to grow outside, lasting years and years! Plenty are available online.

  • If you’re not after a real tree and buy plastic, just make sure it lasts at least 10 years to make it sustainable.



 Avoid the landfill and recycle your tree!

  • Many local authorities offer a drop-off or collection service and will use the woodchips locally.
  • Offer your tree to a zoo!  Many use them for animal enrichment or food.
  • Offer your tree to a garden centre and they’ll be used for flowerbed mulch and woodchips.

So satisfying!



You don’t have to have a traditional tree to look festive!

There are other ways to create a stunning focal point:

  • Wire trees, of various sizes can be decorated as you wish.
  • Wooden trees. Large, tabletop or wall. A lovely rustic feel.
  • Build your own!  Use driftwood, a stack of books, wire lights trailing around walls and windows, and your imagination!
  • Decorate houseplants with lights!  A very effective way of creating a magical atmosphere!


  • Switch to LED lights - did you know these use up to 80% less energy?

Using less energy will save the planet and make a difference to your bills! This is a tip you can use all year round, not just at Christmas - switching your bulbs to LED or low-energy options are a great, eco-conscious choice. 



  • Avoid plastic and opt for metal, wood, pottery and weave. Lots of choices are out there.
  • Consider using old household items (and some creativity!) to place the tree in, particularly if a small one.




Consider these for a globe-saving and adorable alternative! 

  • Recycled glass baubles.
  • Wooden baubles.
  • Papier-mache baubles.
  • DIY - using origami paper beautiful baubles can be made! Follow online tutorials on how to make them.
  • Bringing your old ones out for years and years and handing them down to the next generation!  It's nice to have a bit of history.



We love Christmas garlands!  Draped across fireplaces, bannisters, window sills and ceilings, they bring it all together.


For a greener Christmas try:

  • Buying 2nd hand.
  • Making your own from paper (remember paperchains?!). Plenty of DIY kits out there.
  • Creating your own natural garland using rope cut to your desired length, foliage, dried oranges, pine cones… find instructions online.
  • Baking your own! Something the kids could get involved in.  Use cornstarch and baking soda, cookie cutters (especially ones that are festive themed!) and thin wire. Look for instructions online.



The all-important stocking!

As an alternative to polyester look out for stockings made from these materials:

  • Hessian (environmentally friendly and biodegradable).
  • Recycled wool.
  • A mix of upcycled and recycled materials.
  • Organic cotton.



Think sustainable and biodegradable. After use most of it can be composted.


  • Make your own!

Gather up foliage, greenery and berries.

Use a wire coat hanger made into a hoop as your base. If you’ve never made one before you’ll need help - lots of ideas online!

  • Buy a natural wreath. There are lots of garden centres that sell beautiful natural wreaths.




 Most crackers are not recyclable and usually contain plastic toys.

DID YOU KNOW – more than 40 million Christmas Crackers get thrown away during the festive period, along with 99% of the gifts in them?! (

  • Buy eco-friendly crackers that are fully recyclable.
  • Try reusable crackers made from fabric. You choose the fillings or buy them filled.
  • Make your own!  


Research has shown that Christmas is THE most wasteful time of year and that the 3 days of festivities make 5.5% of the UK’s annual carbon footprint. 

But with a little more effort, it IS possible to source eco-friendly options and still look and feel festive and have a wonderful Christmas!

Just small changes by each of us at this time of year could have a huge impact on the planet and the joy of Christmas can continue!



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We have taken steps to make every part of our company more green! From changing packaging from plastic to recycled cardboard to replacing all lights with LED bulbs (see point 4 of this blog!). 

We use British producers which keep our carbon footprint down, we like to keep things local. 

Even our hampers are good for the planet, they are designed to be repurposed and loved for years to come! They are used to hold trinkets and paperwork and even used as a cosy sleeping spot for pets. 

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