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Christmas Around The World - Armenia

01 Oct 2020

*This article was updated on 19/08/2022*


The second of our Christmas around the world series covers Armenia. If you haven't read our previous post we covered Christmas in Argentina.



Celebrated on January 6th (by the Armenian Apostolic Church), this is also the day the Epiphany is celebrated.


Religious Influence

Many Armenian people are part of the Armenian Apostolic Church.



A giant Christmas tree called a "Tonatsar" is put up in the capital of Armenia, in the republic square in Yerevan at the beginning of December.



Children give gifts of fruits, nuts and sweets to older relatives. Every house has lots of sweets ready because anyone might knock on the door and come in for a party!

Gaghant Baba (or Kaghand Papa) is the Armenian version of Santa Claus and comes on New Year's Eve (December 31st).



Some Armenians will fast for the week before Christmas.

The Christmas Eve meal is called Khetum and consists of rice, fish, Nevik (green chard and chickpeas) and a yoghurt/wheat soup called Tanabur.

Desserts include Anooshabbor (Armenian Christmas Pudding), dried fruits and nuts, Khozee bood (glazed ham), Rojik (walnuts encased in grape jelly on a string) and Bastukh (paper-like dessert made of grape jelly, cornstarch and flour).


Follow our progress around the world as we next look at how Australia celebrates Christmas.