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Creating A Hamper For Those With Special Diets

16 Feb 2024

Are you wanting to spoil your loved one but struggling to think how, as they follow a special diet?

Do you feel overwhelmed or confused by it all?


We’re here to help.


A hamper is actually a great idea for those with special diets as it contains a variety of gifts, making it a fun gift to put together!

The beauty of a hamper is that it can be adapted to suit all budgets and all ages.


Curating a hamper for someone on a special diet is not as difficult as you may think.  It just needs some understanding of their diet/lifestyle.

There’s absolutely no need to go without treats just because a diet isn’t considered ‘normal’.


Before we start with some special diet hamper ideas, think about what sort of hamper you’d like – purely edible treats or a mixture of food and other gifts?

Either will be well-received so it’s up to you!



  1. Vegan hamper: 

If your loved one is vegan you’ll know that it’s not just food products you have to look out for.  So collating a hamper for a vegan takes a little time and effort, but worth it in the end!

Look out for labelling on foods: The Vegan Trademark of a sunflower and the word ‘vegan’ is an internationally recognised certification of a vegan product, established by the Vegan Society.  It applies to  65,000 products  (food and non-food).  However there is no legal requirement to label food as vegan, so this is where you have to do your research. Vegansociety.com is there to help you if in doubt.

When it comes to vegan treats there is a lot of choice out there now:  Chocolate, bakery products, sweets and coffees are always popular. Or bake your own -  a thoughtful gesture and you can control the ingredients.


Something to be mindful of is alcohol. You’re safe with most types  BUT not all wines and beers. The fining agents used during the wine-making process are usually animal-derived so look out for vegan wine. The same for some beer.


Non-food item ideas that could be included in a vegan hamper:

  • Vegan candles.
  • Vegan cosmetics.
  • Vegan spa set.
  • Gift card for a vegan-friendly restaurant.
  • Vegan cookbook.
  • Membership to a vegan organisation – useful for advice, support and tips.
  • Vegan meal-kit delivery service.


Let’s take the stress out of it for you!

Here at BHC we have a great range of vegan hampers all ready and waiting for you!

Beautifully presented and delivered with your own message, our vegan hampers are packed with tasty and luxurious sweet and savoury totally vegan products, including delicious fine (vegan!) wines.

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  1. Reduced sugar hamper:

Needing some inspiration for reduced sugar gifts for your loved one?

Following a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean no treats or compromising on taste!

The thought you’ve put into collating a hamper with their needs in mind will never be forgotten.

So here we go:

  • Sugar-free/low-sugar chocolate - there are plenty of good quality sugar-free or low-sugar chocolates out there. And you can get heart-shaped ones!
  • Sugar-free/low-sugar jams – these are generally very tasty and fruity!
  • Sugar-free/low-sugar cakes and biscuits – lots online/in shops BUT how about making your own?  You can’t really beat homemade bakes, can you?!
  • A selection of teas and coffees – traditional, herbal, exotic; make it an interesting gift.
  • A mug/tea cup to go with the above.
  • A healthy snack subscription box – or the promise of one - within the hamper!
  • A sugar-free or low-sugar cookbook.


Browse our wonderful range of reduced sugar hampers here at BHC.

Carefully selected for their quality and taste, many of our products have been awarded the ‘Great Taste Award’ and will be enjoyed by all, not just those on low-sugar diets!



  1. Gluten-free hamper:

 If your loved one is coeliac or following a gluten-free diet for other health reasons, you’ll need to take care when putting together a hamper.

Look for the labelling – the ‘cross-grain’ sign means definitely gluten-free and it’s now a legal requirement to list gluten-containing ingredients on products.  Coeliac UK is the UK’s leading charity for all matters gluten-related, so contact them if in doubt.

The range of GF food available has increased massively over the last few years and is, on the whole, delicious (I can vouch for that!).

Then choose from:

  • GF bakery treats. If you’re planning on baking at home, just remember the dangers of cross-contamination.
  • GF chocolate/sweets.
  • Any selection of treats that you think they’ll like  - just check the labels.
  • GF cookbook.
  • Gift card for a GF-friendly restaurant.
  • Subscription to a GF organisation- for advice, support and tips.
  • Travel cards in different languages for when abroad. Very useful, these explain what your condition is and what you can’t eat. You present them to restaurants when you visit so your server knows what to offer you.


We have a fantastic range of gluten-free hampers here at BHC.

Carefully selected for their quality and taste these hampers contain a variety of sweet and savoury treats and will suit all budgets. You, as the sender, can relax knowing your loved one can eat delicious treats safely!



  1. Vegetarian hamper:

We’ll help you put together a hamper for your vegetarian loved one.  Whether they’re vegetarian-curious or a seasoned one, it’s fun to collate!

Look for the labelling on products:  Generally, it’s a ‘V’ inside a circle/oval meaning it’s approved by the Vegetarian Society, who are there to help you with any questions about vegetarianism.

Think nice mixtures of flavours and textures for your vegetarian hamper:

  • Nuts –  tasty snack-size selections.
  • Seeds – to eat or to grow your choice!
  • Artisanal cheeses.
  • Biscuits to go with the above.
  • Chocolates (of course, just make sure they’re vegetarian).
  • Chutneys.
  • Interesting sauces – perhaps with an ‘around-the-world’ theme?
  • Popcorn – deliciously fun.
  • Wine – due to the fining agents used some wines contain animal products and may not be suitable for vegetarians (see vegan hampers, above). Look for ‘unfined’ wines.
  • Self-care products – cruelty-free shampoos, soaps, deodorant, shower gels. Always a delight to receive!
  • Candles – look for natural, vegan and cruelty-free brands.

Take a look at our website for vegetarian hampers.

Ideal as gifts for any occasion, this amazing range has something for everyone.

And for ALL budgets.

Chocolate lovers, cheese lovers, afternoon tea lovers - the list is endless!


 Hope that’s convinced you a hamper makes a great gift for those with dietary needs!

 Whatever their dietary requirement, the perfect gift is the one that caters to their individual needs.

The thought and time that goes into collating their hamper shows how much you care.

Check out our full range of dietary hampers