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Top Food Gifts For Those On A Reduced Sugar Diet

24 Jul 2023

We all know too much sugar is bad for us.

You can’t avoid it – it’s in the news most days – we’re eating too much of the (lovely) stuff!

Bad for our health, studies show an excess of sugar can lead to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, skin conditions, mental health conditions, tooth decay..….the list is endless!

  • FACT - we do need glucose to survive, for sure, but we can get all we need from our healthy carbs, proteins and fats – think fruit, veg, milk…..
  • FACT – eating sugar activates the mesolimbic dopamine system in our bodies- the brain’s reward system. When dopamine is released it reinforces our desire for sugar  (yes, we knew it, one biscuit or Haribo is never enough!).

Let’s face it - the sweetness we get from sugar is one of life’s pleasures and for most of us a life without it would be pretty miserable.

So what happens when you or a friend has decided or been advised to seriously ‘cut down’ and follow a reduced sugar diet?

How are you ever able to treat them again?

FEAR NOT! It’s not as disastrous as you think - life can go on!

With a little thought and organisation you can find alternative treats for reduced sugar gifts. In doing so you’re supporting them and they’ll greatly appreciate your efforts.

Our suggestions for gifts for those following a reduced sugar diet:

  1. Dark chocolate

Lower in sugar and higher in cocoa content than milk or white, dark chocolate makes a great gift.

Eaten in moderation, dark chocolate is even thought to have some health benefits. It contains flavonoids which may help to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce inflammation.

Make sure you go for at least 70% cocoa content and minimal added sugars.


  1. Popcorn

A delightful snack, popcorn is tasty yet low in calories and rich in fibre (it’s whole-grain and we know that’s good!) It even contains antioxidants.

Make it yourself at home where you can choose the flavourings (and either avoiding sugar or keeping it low) or send a gift pack of it. There are lots of gift ideas out there.

It’s a wonderfully childish treat and they won’t be disappointed!


  1. Tea and coffee

If they’re tea or coffee lovers send them a gift of it!

It’s exciting to receive a selection of good teas or coffees from around the world.

The variety available is huge and you have the option of adding brewing gear.

Whether they’re connoisseurs or newbies, they’ll appreciate this interesting gift.


  1. Nuts

A tasty snack with great health benefits.  They’re packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre, healthy fats and high in that protein we should be eating more of!

They’re instantly satisfying and a great substitute for sugar.


  1. Spice set

So it’s not exactly a sugar substitute but it’s a food gift and an interesting one!  They may discover new spices and it’ll certainly add joy to home cooking.


  1. Olive oil

Again, not a direct sugar substitute but a delightful gift to receive.

Go for award-winning high quality extra virgin oil.



  1. Reduced sugar food hamper

How about a luxury food hamper that’s specially designed for those on a reduced sugar diet?

Here at The British Hamper Company we have a range of diabetic hampers suitable for exactly this.

Tasty corn snacks, divine dark (72% cocoa) chocolate, incredibly fruity reduced sugar jam, olives, delicious sugar -free oaty biscuits and much much more. All from some of Britain’s best small producers.

Beautifully presented in either traditional wicker or one of our decorative boxes, you can add your own gift message.

Thoughtful and indulgent without giving them a sugar-rush!

View our reduced sugar hampers here. 


  1. Healthy Snacks Subscription

Imagine the delight of receiving every few weeks a box full of healthy snacks!

Think tasty snacks higher in natural nutrients and free from a lot of ‘nasties’…..corn, chocolate, crisps, fruit and much more.

There’s a lot of choice out there.


  1. Spa or fitness voucher

It doesn’t have to be all about food!

Treat them to a spa day or a session with a PT.

By helping them to relax and giving them the chance to focus on their well-being, this shows you support them in their goals and it’ll be truly appreciated.


So as you can see there’s absolutely no need to compromise on taste, quality or pleasure when it comes to gifting those on a reduced sugar diet.

There are plenty of gifts out there to ‘sweeten’ their lives!

Please share your reduced sugar gift ideas with us, we’d love to hear them.