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10 Good Reasons To Give Hampers At Christmas

22 Sep 2023

Have you ever wondered why we give hampers at Christmas?

Did you know hamper gifting has a long history?


Let’s take a quick look at where this tradition came from:

  • It’s believed that William the Conquerer brought over the idea from France, in the 11th century. Wicker baskets filled with food and clothes would be given to the poor.
  • Skip to the Victorians and it was common for them to gift hampers of food to household staff and friends at Christmas. This became even more popular as the newly developed railways meant faster and safer deliveries.
  • During World War 1 hampers were sent to the front line and also to hospitals as a kind, loving and supportive gesture for those suffering in terrible conditions.


With their charitable history, it’s no wonder we associate hampers with spreading joy and goodwill!

So here are 10 more good reasons they make great gifts at Christmas:

1. They’re exciting to receive and open!

Never underestimate the joy of delving into the basket or box to discover items… remember the thrill of a lucky dip when you were a kid?!


2. Hampers are thoughtful gifts.

You know your recipient’s tastes and want to delight them with your choices. Alternatively, you’ve chosen items that you think will tantalise their taste buds and introduce them to new products.

You can choose products to suit special dietary requirements too. Your recipient will greatly appreciate your efforts.

If you'd like to go the extra mile, you can even Make Your Own hamper on our website to make sure only the items your recipient will love are in their hamper.


3. Hampers are aesthetically pleasing.

With products carefully wrapped and placed within attractive, often reusable, boxes or beautiful wicker baskets, they’re a delight to receive.

Opening a hamper and discovering the goodies within is like opening a treasure chest! And with treats from small, artisan producers, it's likely that they'll be tasting the produce for the first time - what a wonderful culinary experience!


4. They have a luxurious and indulgent feel.

Receiving a hamper at your front door is a delightful experience - who doesn't like getting a big box delivered?! Unravelling the contents and discovering new and independent brands is like unearthing treasures. Then tasting those gourmet treats such as wine, cheese, chocolate and biscuits invites your recipient to indulge and take time for themselves. 


5. They’re packed with a variety of top quality, delicious, interesting and often artisanal products. 

We all have those brands that we know and love but there is something exciting about tasting new products and potentially finding your new favourite snack. Give the gift of a new experience to your recipient and be sure to find out which products they enjoyed the most! 


6. They’re suitable gifts for both individuals and families.

Even for the largest of families, there’ll be something inside for everyone (of all ages too!). Hampers usually come with a mix of products, wine and beer for the grown ups, sweets for the kids and lots of savoury snacks for them all to enjoy together. 

Enjoying a hamper whilst watching a family film or to have as a picnic encourages spending quality time together - a gift you can't put a price on!


7. They’re so convenient!

You can avoid the shops at this frantic time and order from the comfort of your own home, choosing to have them delivered (on a date chosen by you) directly to your recipient, and adding a personalised message if wished. How neat is that?!


8. They show your appreciation.

This is particularly appropriate for corporate gifting. Exchanging gifts builds relationships, which is crucial in the corporate world.

Sending a hamper is a great choice when you don't know the recipients taste as there is bound to be something contained within that they love!


9. There are hampers to suit all budgets.

From under £30 to £1,000s, whatever you're budget you'll be sure to find a gift they'll love.

Whether it's grand and indulgent or simple and delightful, they're versatile and will be sure to bring a smile, no matter the cost. Add an extra level of thoughtfulness by adding something personal or sentimental.


10. They’re a great ‘last minute’ gift. 

There are many different reasons this happens, and it’s not (always) down to laziness!

If you find yourself against the clock, check out our Gift by Text service. It's an e-voucher for your chosen hamper and the recipient can receive their text on the same day as purchase! They can then decide where and when they want to have the hamper delivered.

You've bought a thoughtful and wonderful gift (at the last minute!) and they have a gourmet hamper to enjoy - it's a win, win!


For all these reasons (and more!) hampers make fantastic gifts at Christmas.

They’re festive and celebratory  - what better way to spread seasonal good spirit!

Have we convinced you?!


Check out our Christmas hamper range to find your perfect gift!

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