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What Do New Parents Really Want?

26 Mar 2024

Becoming a new parent for the 1st time (or 4th!) is a momentous occasion; it’s joyous, exciting and celebratory! 

As onlookers we wish to congratulate them, showering them with happy and generous presents of flowers and baby gifts.

But is this what new parents REALLY want?

As most of us know becoming a parent is not without its challenges and, according to research, it’s not actually the aforementioned lovely gifts (though of course these are greatly appreciated) but gifts of ‘support’.

Read on to find out what new parents would like the most.


New parents are desperately short of time, sleep and energy yet they need to eat properly so they can function!

There are a few ways you can help with this:

- Taking them a homemade cooked meal(s). This will ALWAYS be appreciated! You could even make an easy freezer recipe and then they have the option of freezing it too.

- Taking them/sending them a few goodies – cakes, biscuits or a food hamper!  They’ll be sure to brighten the day for exhausted new parents.

- Check out our wonderful wide range of luxury food hampers, all beautifully packed and presented and delivered on your chosen day.

- How about organising a ‘meal train’?  You and a few others take turns in providing meals over days/weeks (Many new parents have found this THE MOST HELPFUL GIFT!)

- Sending them the gift of freezer meals, delivered to their door.

- Give them the gift of a grocery order, delivered straight to their door.

- Gift cards for local restaurants/Uber eats.




Research (and experience!) has shown that help with household cleaning after having a baby is regarded as a truly wonderful gift.

It can be upsetting for busy, tired, new parents seeing the floors unhoovered and the dirty plates piling up.

- If they have older kids, the house will probably be messy, toys scattered everywhere, so bedrooms may need attention too!

- It doesn’t matter how little time you can offer, ANY help will be appreciated.

- Hiring a cleaner for a one-off or regular clean could also be an option.



Don’t underestimate the frustration that parents of new babies can feel when they know the washing’s not getting done! If they used to be ‘on it’ they probably won’t be now!

- Putting on a load or two then drying, sorting and folding it will help them out immensely – and it’s quite a satisfying task to do!

- Then there’s the ironing of course…




Caring for a new baby is all-consuming. 24 hours a day.

Looking after themselves is way down the list of priorities for new parents. So this is where you can help out.

- In the early days, you can offer to watch the baby and older children whilst the new mum nips off for a bath or shower. Self-care is a luxury in those first few weeks.

- Small gifts of shower gel, face or haircare products will add a touch of indulgence to the little bit of pampering she is able to fit in.

- Or take the baby out in the pram whilst the new parents SLEEP!

- If there are older kids, offer to take them out or, if that’s not an option, stay and play with them at home.

- Offer to do the school run.  Anything to make life a little easier for the new parents.

- Gift cards for spas or beauty salons, to be used at a later convenient date, are also thoughtful gifts.




Shopping, posting letters, dog walking, picking up prescriptions, banking, all these things that we normally just ‘pop out’ for become major tasks when you have a small baby.  They’ll thank you for the help!



More than ANYTHING new parents need emotional support.

During those early weeks and months, it’s common to feel isolated and overwhelmed and to experience a rollercoaster of emotions.

New parents need a supportive network of people to call on. Quite apart from the professional support, they need people with whom they can share their experiences.

- You can help them by being understanding and listening to them. 

- Visit them (when they’re ready), text them, call them, but don’t expect prompt replies!

- Support them in the practical ways above.



Did the things that new parents really want surprise you?

The more support new parents receive, the likelier it is they’ll create a happy and healthy family life.

Think of your kind and thoughtful gestures as gifts!


If you're still struggling for ideas check out our range of new baby hampers.