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Our Best Gift Ideas for New Parents

22 May 2023

Welcoming a new baby to the family is such an exciting and joyous occasion!

We love to celebrate this happy event and send cards, hampers and gifts to express our delight. We enjoy showering the new arrival with gifts of toys and clothes. And new parents appreciate that.

However, it’s also a time to show love and support for the new parents who will face many challenges over the coming weeks and months (and, let’s face it, years?!). But seriously, looking after a new baby 24/7 on very little sleep can take its toll.


Did you know – studies have shown that each new parent loses around 109 minutes of sleep every night for the first year after having a baby?!


So if you’re looking for ideas for the best gifts for new parents, especially after this fact, look no further!

In this blog article we explore some thoughtful and practical gifts that will make parents smile and relieve some of the stresses that come with caring for a new baby.


Here are our best gift ideas for new parents and babies.

1. Spa or Massage Voucher

Give new parents a chance to relax, feel pampered and take some time for themselves. A break from nappy-changing and domestic chores, even just for a couple of hours, is a dream gift for new parents!

Many spas offer special deals for new parents and include wonderful treatments – just what’s needed after months of pregnancy and giving birth!


4. A Pamper Hamper

Fill a box full of goodies for the new parents. A thoughtful gift that shows you care and are thinking about them. Snacks, magazines, bath/shower gels, bottle of wine….anything you know they’ll enjoy.

Or take a look at our range of New Baby and Parent Hampers. We have a great range of hampers designed for new babies and their parents. These interesting hampers are packed full of delicious artisan food from British producers- for the new parent -and for the new baby there are delightful soft toys, books and clothes.

Some are just for the new parents, some for the new baby and some for both! All beautifully presented and delivered with your own gift message.

Our new baby hampers are for UK and international delivery, and contain food and baby toys from top British independent producers. 

3. A Meal Subscription Box

An ideal gift for the worn-out, short of time, new parents.

This is a service that delivers fresh ingredients to your door together with easy-to-follow recipes.

They’ll appreciate it and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing they’re getting good nutrition in those hectic early days!


4. A Home-cooked Meal

May not sound exciting or ‘gift-like’ to you but be assured that to receive a ‘proper’ home-cooked meal or two IS an absolute treat!

When you’ve been rushing around all day, haven’t showered and barely had a cup of tea, to find a home-cooked lasagne on the doorstep is a dream!


5. Handprint and Footprint Set

Ok so this is about the new baby BUT it’ll bring a smile to new parents’ faces as they serve as a joyful reminder of their baby’s early days.



6. Baby Photography Session

Many photographers now specialise in newborn photography. This is an interesting and thoughtful gift that will create life-long memories.


7. Babysitting Coupons

The perfect gift for new parents!  Offer yourself for babysitting duties!

How sweet and generous is that, giving parents some much needed time to themselves?

You can even find templates/preprinted coupons online.

There are endless great gift ideas for new babies and parents but we think the best are those that allow new parents to have just a moment's peace and quiet. Food, drink, babysitting and spa sessions are great opportunities for them to put their feet up (albeit perhaps for a few minutes!). 

Do you have a new baby gift idea to add to the list? We'd love to hear your suggestions!