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How to Create Your Own Vegan Hamper

16 Dec 2022 by Sophie White

Did you know that an estimated 3% of the world’s population is now vegan? And a good chunk of those are in the UK!

So, it’s no surprise that the vegan food and vegan gifting markets have taken off massively in the last few years.

But it can still be a challenge to buy or make vegan food gifts!

So how about making your own vegan food hamper this Christmas?

Here are our top tips for creating your own vegan hamper


1. Decide on your base and filling

Will your hamper be in a sealed gift box, a tray with cellophane or perhaps a wicker basket?

If you’re making a hamper on a budget, think about reusing an old gift box or repurposing some of those shoe boxes hidden in the back of the cupboard!

Either can be decorated with wrapping paper, recycled newspaper or even painted.

Top tip: If you’re buying new wrapping paper, remember to check that it is vegan as many mass-market inks used in the printing process can contain animal products.  

You could also repurpose any wicker hampers you may have or head to your local craft shop to buy a new basket.

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Wicker hamper baskets are a popular hamper base – but make sure any straps are vegan friendly!

As veganism and eco-friendly lifestyles often go hand in hand, an eco-friendly filling is always a good option!

Consider shredding and recycling an old newspaper or using hay, a biodegradable filling that can be picked up from your local pet shop.




2. Choose your vegan hamper items

Vegan Supermarket and Planet Organic both have an array of vegan treats to choose from that you can order online.

If you’d prefer to choose your items in person, many local supermarkets, shops and garden centres have vegan chocolates, snacks and even vegan cheese!

To make sure the items you’ve chosen are vegan, look for a ‘vegan friendly’, ‘suitable for vegans’ or vegan society trademark or wording on the packaging.

This tends to be clearly visible on the front of the packaging or follows the ingredient list on the reverse of the packaging.

What should you put in your vegan hamper?

There are plenty of options!

  • Vegan sweets – look for sweets without gelatine or carmine, often used as a red food colouring
  • Vegan chocolate – just because they’re vegan, it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy great chocolate! Many brands now offer vegan alternatives
  • Vegan cheese, crackers and chutney – make your own vegan cheese hamper with a selection of vegan cheeses. Popular options include Violife and Applewood’s vegan range, found in many local supermarkets

Non-food items – vegan candles, clothing and even household items made vegan are popular gifts to include in your build your own hamper

Use our hampers for inspiration - we include everything from vegan Prosecco to vegan praline truffles in our vegan food hampers.

3. Pack your homemade hamper

 Now it’s time to get packing!

Arrange your make your own hamper, placing any heavier items or jars towards the bottom of your base and lighter items on top.

Any perishable items should be packed into the hamper last minute (this could be just before you gift the hamper or a few hours prior if accompanied by ice packs or a cool bag).

Building your own hamper with a few bottles of vegan wine or Prosecco? Protect any fragile items by wrapping them in a biodegradable bubble wrap or cardboard sleeves to keep them secure.

After adding a layer of items, fill in any gaps with your hamper filling, add more items and repeat!


4. Finish your make your own vegan hamper

Once you’ve finished adding your items and added a top layer of filling for the extra element of surprise, it’s time for the finishing touches!

Fasten any buckles, place any lids on gift boxes, tie any ribbons or wrap your basket in vegan friendly cellulose cellophane.

Finish with a flashy bow and a handwritten gift card.

And that’s all there is to it - your homemade vegan hamper is complete!


Don’t fancy making your own vegan hamper? Take a look at our range of vegan Christmas gifts and luxury vegan hampers for all occasions.

Or, if you fancy building your own vegan hamper in just a few finger clicks, use our make your own hamper service.