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The Ultimate Guide To Veganuary - Tips And Tricks For Those Trying Veganism

09 Jan 2024

So, we’ve welcomed in a New Year!

It’s common to start the new year with fresh hopes and ambitions.

Is trying a plant-based diet one of yours?

Did you know:

  • according to, more than 700,000 Brits participated in Veganuary last year.
  • a study by Veganuary and their official 2023 participant survey showed that 78% of participants intended to permanently change their diet after Veganuary.


What is Veganuary?

Started in 2014, it’s a non-profit organization that encourages people and businesses to try vegan for, at least, January.


But why?

  • To protect the environment.
  • To prevent animal suffering .
  • To improve health.

Veganuary’s ultimate aim is a fully vegan world.

Veganuary ( offers support, advice, meal plans and recipes and much more, for those  trying it for the first time and for established vegans.

They’re ready for you to sign up NOW!

Vegan Society also offers advice and support for those trying veganism as do many others.


If you are looking to go vegan for the month, kick start your journey with one of our vegan hampers. They are perfect for sampling a variety of delicious plant-based delights. Browse the range here.


You’ll have your own reasons for wanting to try ‘going vegan’ but whatever the reasons we have a few tips to make your journey a little easier!


  • Plan ahead!

It’s a new way of eating and those who plan are more likely to succeed.

Create a meal planner, search for appealing Veganuary recipes, chat with others who are vegan, keep your ears and eyes open for vegan-friendly cafes and restaurants, and tell friends of your plans.

It's easy to be drawn into just buying everything in the supermarket that has the Vegan logo but careful planning beforehand will not only increase your chances of sticking with it, it'll save you money by not panic buying.


  • Ease into it

Some people can start immediately but others find it easier to gradually cut down on meat and dairy.

Another suggestion is to start with one vegan meal a day for the first week.

Don’t be hard on yourself – this is a big change you’re making.



  • Veganise - it's a real word, we checked!

Veganise (replace your usual ingredients with the vegan alternative) your normal and favourite meals. That way you'll know how to cook it and can be confident you will enjoy it.

There are now vegan versions for almost everything and some claim to be just as good as the original. 


  • Do your research  

Make sure you’re getting the right nutrients from your new plant-based diet. Are you getting enough protein and vitamins, for example? 

Just because it’s vegan it doesn’t always mean your choices are healthy – there is such a thing as vegan junk food!


  • Keep trying different vegan foods

Don’t be put off when you try something you don't like!  There’s a lot of choice out there and you’re not going to like every one of them. 

If you're finding trying all the new food and cooking new recipes difficult, remind yourself of the reasons you're trying this food adventure. 


  • Accept you'll have cravings

Another reason to consider weaning yourself off rather than stop suddenly. And don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon in the early days, it happens!

When you have the urge to eat meat or dairy, think about all the things that you can eat rather than focusing on the ones you can't. 

Maybe treat yourself to something sweet or try something new to keep it exciting.


  • Remember, not all alcohol is vegan

Some beers and wines are refined through animal products so are not vegan. Be careful to check all products to be sure. 

Luckily for you, we've done some of the leg work for you and have some wonderful vegan wine in our vegan hampers - take a look at the range here.


  • Prepare yourself for negative comments

It’s usually ignorance/lack of education that causes people to say insensitive things, so try to be patient.  Teach them, cook for them and show them!

  • Find support! This might be vegan friends, local vegan groups,  online communities or vegan websites. A good support network of like-minded individuals will help you overcome any hurdles you come across.


  • Think of it as a voyage of discovery! 

You’re about to embark on an exciting journey. You'll try lots of new foods and discover new ways of cooking that you haven't explored before.

Be sure to have fun and consider documenting your journey so you can reflect after the month is done.


Good luck on your vegan journey and we hope you enjoyed this ultimate guide.


Before you go, why not try one of our luxury vegan hampers packed with delicious vegan sweet and savoury treats from top artisan producers? Our range also includes vegan wine – an award-winning Prosecco, a rich red and a crisp white.

What a great start to your vegan journey!