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Perfect Valentine's Hamper Ideas - Tips & Tricks

02 Feb 2024

Thinking about Valentine’s Day?

Are you wondering what to gift your loved one?

Whoever it’s for, you’ll want it to be special and just right.

With a huge range of gifts out there it could be overwhelming and perhaps you’re feeling daunted by the whole thing.

Then let us help you…..

May we suggest a hamper?


Why a hamper for Valentine’s Day?

  • A hamper can be personalised and tailor-made for that person, which makes it a highly thoughtful gift.
  • A hamper is a wonderful surprise.
  • A hamper is exciting to receive and even more thrilling to open – think about kids and lucky dips!
  • A hamper feels wickedly indulgent and, after all, you want to treat your loved one!
  • A hamper is suitable for all ages.
  • There are hampers to suit all budgets.
  • You choose the delivery date and add your message:

Here at BHC, we offer a tracked and speedy delivery service using reliable couriers for hampers to the UK and abroad.

And we offer NEXT-DAY UK delivery!


What makes the perfect Valentine’s hamper?

A hamper perfect for that person, of course!

You know your loved one so you’ll know their likes and dislikes.


So, think about the contents:

Do you want an eclectic collection of gifts?

Or will there be a theme to your hamper?



Here are a few ideas for themes:

  • A Pamper Hamper:

For relaxation and a little well-deserved self-indulgence.

Think shampoos, perfume, moisturisers, shower gels, face masks, candles, oil diffusers, bath foam, and Prosecco.



  • Movie Night Hamper:

Good for all ages and great to share!

All you need for a cosy night in (just choose a film that your Valentine would love!).

Popcorn, hot chocolate, tea (or wine?!), candles, sweets, chocolate, blanket…


  • Personalised Gift Hamper:

Personalising gifts makes them even more special and heart-felt and they’ll be cherished forever.

So how about a hamper filled with personalised gifts – photo frames, a photo collage, your own photo album/scrapbook of memories,  mugs, socks,  jewellery,  sweets, cushions… there are tonnes of websites out there to help you.

Great for all ages and fun to collate!



  • Love-themed Hamper:

Seeing as it’s  Valentine’s Day why not choose a heart-shaped theme for your hamper?!

Or red/pink items?

Chocolates, sweets, jewellery, tealights, trinket boxes….you name it there’s a lot of choice.

Of course, you can make your own –  their favourite biscuits and cakes, heart-shaped?!


  • Hobby Hamper:

Has your loved one got a particular interest?

Sport, reading, puzzles, wine-tasting or gardening perhaps?

A hamper packed with gifts linked to their hobby will be very much appreciated.

A thoughtful gift.


  • Valentine’s Food Hamper:

You can’t go wrong with a hamper packed with tasty treats.

We can help!

Here at BHC we have a wonderful range of hampers suitable for Valentine’s Day or you can make your own!

For chocolate lovers, cheese lovers, wine lovers, beer lovers, afternoon tea lovers and Champagne lovers - we have something for everyone!

Packed with savoury and sweet treats from the very best British artisan providers, we also have a range for those on special dietsgluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, halal and diabetic-friendly.

Great for all ages AND budgets!

Carefully packed and beautifully presented in one of our brilliant bespoke boxes or a traditional wicker hamper and delivered with your personalised message, your hamper will be received and opened with delight on February 14th!



We hope that’s convinced you a hamper makes a wonderful gift for Valentine’s Day.

The perfect Valentine’s hamper is one that’s personalised for your loved one(s).

The time and consideration you have put into selecting the hamper gifts for your valentine reflects the love and understanding you have for them, making them feel cherished and special – which is what Valentine’s Day is all about, isn’t it?