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Best Valentine's Gifts To Send In The Post

26 Jan 2024


  • 10% of marriage proposals happen on Valentine’s Day!
  • There are 105 different messages for the popular sweet Love Hearts.
  • Can you guess the favourite?


(2nd is I Love You).



On 14th February we shall be celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with romance, gift-giving and greeting cards (this annual celebration, with its Roman roots, sees us Britons buying over 25 million cards a year!).

How will YOU be marking this special day that celebrates love? Our Valentine's Day hampers are the perfect choice - full of delicious treats, are sent in the post, you can add your own personal message and they can be sent internationally! Check the range here!

Whether your Valentine is your partner, your children or a friend, you’ll want to make them feel special and loved.


Why a Valentine’s gift by post?

Spending time with your loved one(s) is ideal but what if you can’t be together?  Sometimes being physically present is just not possible so this is where sending a gift comes in.

  • Sending a gift when you can’t be with them is thoughtful and keeps the connection strong across the distance.
  • Receiving a gift in the post will make your recipient feel loved and valued.
  • Receiving a gift in the post is a delightful and memorable surprise and will brighten their day.
  • You can send your gift with a personalised message, a thoughtful touch showing you care.
  • You can send a letterbox gift by post, the perfect, convenient size!
  • Next-day delivery can be an option when sending gifts by post.
  • Gifts sent by post often offer a signed for/tracking service giving you confidence that it will arrive safely and at the right time.
  • There’s a huge range of gifts-by-post online suitable for all ages, for a wide range of budgets and many can be personalised.



So let’s take a look at what’s out there:


  1. Flowers: A timeless favourite.  Roses are traditionally associated with Valentine’s Day – red for love and romance, white for innocence and charm and pink for admiration (combine the 3?!). But you don’t have to stick to those. How about fresh spring flowers, to celebrate the (near) end of winter?!



  1. Chocolates: Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand don’t they?  It was Richard Cadbury who, back in the 19th century, started to decorate his chocolate boxes with cupids and roses, symbolising romance. He was the first to design the 1st heart-shaped box of chocolates, appealing to lovers everywhere. The rest is history.

Don’t forget it’s said that chocolate is an aphrodisiac... and it’s good for your health (in moderation!)!

Plenty of choices online to suit all ages and budgets (great gift if your Valentine is your child!).


  1. Letterbox gifts:  Small enough to fit through the letterbox, these gifts are ideal as they take away all that worry about whether your recipient will be in.

There’s a wide range of letterbox gifts online. Choose from wine, cakes, biscuits, pamper gift sets, chocolates, sweets, plants, alcohol gift sets,  and much much more.



  1. Food and wine hamperThe joy of receiving a hamper by post can not be underestimated!  There are hampers to suit ALL ages, tastes AND wallets. Packed with tasty treats, they’re a fantastic way to show how much you value your valentine.

The excitement of opening a hamper and discovering items is wonderful and will remain a happy memory forever!

You could, of course, Make Your Own, to include all the treats you know they’d love.

Beautifully presented and delivered on your chosen day with your personal message (UK next day delivery available).  Our hampers suit all ages and budgets.

Sending to a loved one abroad?  We deliver our hampers to over 50 countries!

We’re ready to take your order!


  1. Personalised gifts:  Personalised gifts sent by post for Valentine’s Day show your loved one(s)  that you care for them, understand them and that you’ve put thought into the gift. Especially meaningful when you’re miles apart.

Children particularly delight in personalised gifts. They love to feel special and appreciated and are likely to keep the gift as a memento. A particular favourite with children is a personalised book. They adore seeing their name in a story! In fact, seeing their name anywhere!

Choose from mugs, decorated sweet treats, photo frames, clothing, jewellery, and more!


  1. Photo album/photo book: Filled with your special moments together.   Capturing memories forever, is there a more thoughtful and personal way to connect to your Valentine?!


  1. Handwritten note:  Old-fashioned as it sounds, handwritten letters are one of the most romantic ‘gifts’ you can give!  In this day and age of quick and instant emails and social media, a letter can convey deep expression and shows good effort.  Whether it’s a romantic love letter, a letter expressing appreciation for that person or a letter capturing memories, it makes a cherished keepsake.



Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular gifting days of the year but just because you’re apart from your loved one it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it.

We hope we’ve helped you with a few ideas for gifts by post.


Whilst you're here, why not take a look at your Valentine's Day hampers and send your loved one gourmet artisan treats! Take a look at the range here.