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Our Top 10 Ways To Celebrate Wimbledon 2023

27 Jun 2022 by Sophie White

Edited - 30/06/23


Read time: 8 mins.


Did you know that 2023 marks 101 years since the opening of Wimbledon’s Centre Court at Church Road?

This extra special anniversary of perhaps the world’s most prestigious Tennis championship calls for celebration.

To help you make the most of the occasion, we’ve put together some of the best ways to celebrate Wimbledon, whether you’re celebrating in the UK or further afield.

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Wimbledon will take place between 3rd July and 16th July 2023. This year centre court celebrates its 101st year. Photo by Carlo Bazzo on Unsplash.


Here are our top 10 ways to celebrate Wimbledon…


1. Pimm’s, Pimm’s and more Pimm’s!

Did you know that around 280,000 glasses of Pimm’s are served at Wimbledon each year?

The gin-based tipple has been an integral part of the summer Tennis tournament since it got its own Pimm’s bar in 1971.

With Wimbledon and Pimm’s going hand in hand, a refreshing glass of the stuff is the perfect way to celebrate Wimbledon at home.


How to make the perfect Pimm’s for Wimbledon:

You’ll need:

  • 200ml Pimm’s No1 cup

  • 600ml lemonade

  • Slices of cucumber, orange and strawberries

  • Fresh mint leaves

  • Ice (plenty of it!)

Serves 4.


       1. Pour 1-part Pimm’s No 1 cup and 3 parts lemonade into a jug filled with ice

       2. Add fruit and mint

       3. Stir lightly and pour into a glass

       4. Enjoy!


Our Celebration Hamper has everything you need for a Wimbledon celebration - including Pimms! Take a look here.

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Pimm’s is the summer drink of choice for many in the UK.


2. Throw a Wimbledon-themed party for the final

How about challenging your friends and family to dress up as their favourite player and come together to watch the final?

Whether you’re rooting for a certain player or just love getting involved in the spirit of Wimbledon, the finals are sure to be a thrilling watch. Who knows, there may even be a Brit or two in the mix?

UK viewers can tune in on the BBC. 

When are the Wimbledon finals 2023?

  • Thursday 13th July – Mixed Doubles Final

  • Saturday 15th July – Ladies’ Final / Gentlemen’s Doubles Final

  • Sunday 16th July – Men’s Final / Ladies’ Doubles Final

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Get involved with a party to celebrate the Wimbledon final. Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash.


3. Tuck into strawberries and cream

June and July are prime strawberry season in the UK and so the fruits have been a staple snack of the tournament since it was first held in 1877.

So much so that on average, just under 200,000 portions of strawberries are served at Wimbledon each year.

In fact, strawberries and cream have been a popular summertime treat in England for over 500 years!

Grab a pack of fresh strawberries from your local shop or pick some from one of the many pick-your-own sites across the UK, bathe in whipping cream and add a sprinkle of sugar if you like it sweet.

A delicious way to celebrate Wimbledon whether you’re celebrating in the UK or abroad.

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The combination of strawberries and cream was first introduced to English palates in 1509 by Thomas Wolsey. Photo by Doug Kelley on Unsplash.


4. Dress up in Wimbledon apparel

Fancy yourself a Tennis player in another life, a fan of the skort or just love Wimbledon?

Pick up some Wimbledon 2022 apparel from the Official Wimbledon store. There are T-shirts, dresses, wristbands, hats and more with women’s, men’s, kids and recycled ranges to choose from.

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We can only hope to look so sophisticated in all whites! Photo from the Toni Frissell collection at the U.S. Library of Congress.


5. Munch on Wimbledon-themed snacks

As the Tennis world prepares for one of its most prestigious tournaments, a whole host of Wimbledon-themed snacks have hit the shelves.

With everything from Chocolate Tennis balls to edible rackets, there are plenty of novelty treats to try!

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A Tennis ball…but made of chocolate? Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash.


6. Go to a Wimbledon screening

Listen to the roar of the crowd as the action gets underway at one of the many live screening spots across the UK.

Shown on large screens in central locations, these screenings are a great way to immerse yourself in the action whilst making the most of the weather.

Looking for a Wimbledon screening near you? Here are some to look out for:

  • The Summer Screen by Starling Bank in James Grigor Square, Manchester

  • Canalside at Granary Square, Kings Cross, London

  • Screen on the Green, Old Eldon Square, Newcastle

  • Screen on the Green, The Square, Birmingham

Where to watch Wimbledon 2022? Look for an outdoor screening near you. Photo by alh1 via Creative Commons.


7. Treat yourself to Tennis themed gifts

As well as some interesting edible Wimbledon treats, there are plenty of Tennis themed gifts for sale during the tournament.

This year's highlights include Tennis racket salad servers and Tennis ball cufflinks.

Fancy an official Wimbledon jigsaw puzzle or a Wimbledon fan? Take a look at the tournament’s official range of accessories on their online shop.

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Treat yourself to something special to celebrate Wimbledon. Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash.


8. Challenge a friend to a game of tennis

You don’t have to be a pro to give it a go!

Fancy yourself as the next Murray or Raducanu? Challenge a friend or family member to a game.

All you need is 2 Tennis rackets, a ball and a spot with ground that’s suitable for playing on - a hard, grass or clay surface.

Don’t have anyone to join you for a game? Look for a local Tennis club or try playing against your garage door (keep a close eye on the ball as this can bounce back at speed).

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How about getting into the Wimbledon spirit by trying your hand at a game of Tennis? Photo by Julian Schiemann on Unsplash.


9. Have a Wimbledon picnic

Wimbledon signals that the British summer is well underway, which is the perfect time for a picnic!

Make yourself some sandwiches, grab some strawberries and head to your garden or local park.

Or how about treating yourself to a picnic hamper to share with friends or family?

But what is the best picnic hamper for Wimbledon? Take a look at our picnic range for ideas and find your favourite!

Looking for an extra special Wimbledon celebration with champagne? We’ve got champagne picnic hampers that are perfect for sharing!


10. Bake some Wimbledon treats

Invite friends or family over for a slice of fresh-homemade cake and tea as you catch up on the latest from the tournament.

Or how about taking some Tennis ball shaped biscuits into work to share amongst your colleagues as you celebrate the Championships getting underway?

Not sure what to make? Take a look at BBC Good Food’s guide to baking for Wimbledon.

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Why not celebrate Wimbledon with some home baking?


How to celebrate Wimbledon if you’re overseas.

You may not find it easy to get a bottle of Pimms abroad or to go to a screening nearby, but there are still plenty of ways you can celebrate Wimbledon outside of the UK.

Reminisce in all things English to celebrate the tournament’s home in Southwest London or celebrate all things Tennis as you back your country’s hopeful.


1. Have a British style Afternoon Tea

Channel your inner brit with a spot of afternoon tea as you tune into the latest game.

You’ll need some quality tea bags, British style cake (we recommend Victoria Sponge or Fruit Cake) and some fresh scones with jam and cream.

For the full experience, how about adding some homemade cucumber sandwiches? They’re nicer than they sound…we promise!

Fancy an afternoon tea made easy? We offer afternoon tea delivery to the USA, Canada, Australia and further afield.

Take a look at our afternoon tea hampers for ultimate enjoyment whilst watching the tournament.