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Our 10 Best DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

28 Feb 2023

With the 19th of March fast approaching many of you will be wondering what to give for Mother’s Day.

Maybe you want something that won’t break the bank? Maybe you’re after something a little different?

Or perhaps you just can’t bear the shops and would rather avoid shopping at this busy time?!

In a recent non-scientific survey mums were asked what they REALLY want for Mother’s Day. These are some of the most popular answers:

  • A lie-in
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Lunch out
  • A nap
  • A clean house
  • Flowers
  • Spa treatments
  • Home-made gifts
  • Food and drink (Head onto our site to Make Your Own Hamper!)

A great list, though we think a lie-in should be mandatory for mother figures on Mother’s Day! But how can we make sure they feel loved and appreciated for the whole day?

Well, we can shower them with gifts. And we can go one step further and make our own gifts!

Why make a home-made gift?

A home-made gift is personal, unique and makes someone feel extra special.

The old saying; ‘it’s the thought that counts’, really does apply!

Here's our best DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas (little or no skill required!):

 1. Create a photo collage

A thoughtful Mother’s Day gift will evoke many happy memories and elate spirits on Mother’s Day.

Print off your selected photos at home or online and have fun putting together fun times and happy memories.

If you overlap the photos and crop the photos to include just the main features and then overlap the photos, you’ll be able to include a huge number of photos. It then becomes a Mother’s Day gift that keeps giving as you’ll continuously discover more photos the longer you look!

2. Make your own food hamper

A Mother's Day food hamper gives her the chance to put her feet up on Mother’s Day and indulge throughout the day.

Click here to read our guide on how to create your own hamper at home.

Or, click here to make your own hamper online! You can choose all her favourite treats and add homeware too. All our products are sourced from Britain’s leading artisan producers and independent designers.

You then add your own gift message and choose your Mother’s Day hamper delivery date.

Not only will she have a delicious hamper created just for her, by you – she’ll also have a beautiful keepsake wicker basket or box hamper for the home.                    

3. Get the kids to make hand-prints

A sweet and delightful gift for kids to give on Mother’s Day.

Always a great idea to frame the prints and add a message too.

4. Offers of help, presented like vouchers

As the above survey suggested, many mums would like help rather than actual gifts.

Offers like ‘ two hours ironing’, ‘doing the weekly shopping’, ‘an afternoon’s gardening’ and so on will be greatly appreciated.

Make sure you do them though…!

5. Make a special Mother’s Day dinner at home

This always makes a great DIY Mother’s Day gift idea. Pick her favourite meal and cook up a storm.

Set the table nicely and make sure she keeps away from the kitchen. No help allowed today!

6. Make your own bath bombs

Bath bombs can be expensive but they make fun gifts with a hint of indulgence. So how about having a go at making your own?

There are plenty of websites with recipes….try ‘’.

7. Create your own spa set

This is a particularly good Mother's Day gift for children to give and they’ll have fun putting it together.

Into a jar pop small items of favourite bath stuff….this could be a bath bomb (home-made?!), foot soak, candle, travel-size shampoo, travel-size shower gel, moisturiser and a few chocolates.

8. Make Mother’s Day home-made biscuits

There’s something very special about home-baked products.

Try this EASY recipe for Mother's Day (From BBC Goodfood).

An ideal Mother's Day gift from kids. They’ll enjoy making them as you’ll see in the method!

After they’ve cooled pop them carefully into a glass jar  which can be decorated and personalised.

You’ll need:

200g unsalted butter, softened
200g golden caster sugar
​​​​​1 large egg
½ tsp vanilla extract
400g plain flour, plus extra for dusting


Heat the oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6 and line a baking sheet with baking parchment. Put the butter in a bowl and beat it with electric beaters until soft and creamy. Beat in the sugar, then the egg and vanilla, and finally the flour to make a dough. If the dough feels a bit sticky, add a little bit more flour and knead it in.

Pull pieces off the dough and roll them out to about the thickness of two £1 coins on a floured surface. The easiest way to do this with small children is to roll the mixture out on a baking mat. Cut out shapes using a 9cm biscuit cutter, or a use the rim of a small glass and peel away the leftover dough around the edges. Press some clean toys gently into the biscuits, making sure you make enough of a mark without going all the way through. Re-roll off-cuts and repeat.

Transfer the whole mat or the individual biscuits to the baking sheet and bake for 8-10 mins or until the edges are just brown. Leave to cool for 5 mins. Can be iced if wish.

9. Decorate your own mug

Decorating and personalising  a plain mug is a delightful  gift. And even better - you don’t need to be a talented artist!

Again, it’s a Mother's Day gift that the kids would enjoy making. 

What you need:

A plain mug.

Oil-based paint pens that can be baked onto ceramics.

Alcohol and cotton wool balls for cleaning.


Clean your mug with cotton wool balls and alcohol and dry.

Outline your design faintly using a pencil. You may want to use stencils.

Now paint!

Allow to dry completely – this may take 24hrs.

Now it’s time to bake your mug.

Follow any baking instructions that came with the pens or else bake at 350’F for 20 mins, starting the mug off in a cold oven. Then turn off oven so the mug can cool completely.

And there we are.  Be amazed, laugh or cry at the result – it’s a thoughtful gift! 

10. Mother’s Day ‘Survival’ Box

How about putting together a box full of good things you know she’d love and appreciate?

Personal, thoughtful and fun.

A few suggestions:

Small bar of chocolate
Miniature gin
Protein bar
Favourite magazine
A novel
Mini elderflower cordial

Use your imagination!


We hope this has this given you a few  ideas for home-made Mother’s Day gifts. Gifts for Mother’s Day really don’t need to cost ‘an arm and a leg’! 

If you make something for the special person in your life that’s not on this list we’d love to hear all about it!

And if you've left it a little late and need a last minute Mother's Day gift - order one of our Mother's Day Hampers or Make Your Own Hamper Online for fast Mother's Day delivery

Happy creating!