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How to Make Your Own Hamper Online

24 Oct 2022 by Sophie White

Looking to build your own hamper for an upcoming celebration?

By creating your own hamper, you add a personal touch to your gift not only by choosing items your recipient will love but also by putting in the time and effort to make something for them.

You can create your own hamper at home or through an online bespoke hamper service.


Here’s our guide on how to build your own hamper at home:

1. Choose your hamper gift packaging

This could be a purpose-bought gift box, gift bag or wicker hamper basket. Or, if you’re making a hamper on a budget or feeling resourceful, decorate and reuse an old shoe box, storage box or basket.

You’ll also need hamper fill. This could be anything from shredded newspaper or tissue paper to hay from the local pet shop.


2. Choose your items

Pick your theme – is your homemade hamper for a foodie or would your recipient prefer little knickknacks or games?

If you’re creating a foodie hamper, will you fill this with their favourite goodies or will you treat them to something new and create a luxury food hamper?


3. Pack your hamper

Add a layer of hamper fill to the bottom of your gift packaging, add a layer of items and repeat.

Heavier items, including jars and bottles, are best placed towards the bottom of the gift, whilst light and airy items, such as crisps, are better off near the top.

Fill any gaps with extra hamper shred to secure your items and place an extra layer on top of the hamper so that all items are hidden away.

Carefully pack your hamper, hiding the items within the hamper fill to add an element of surprise.


4. Add your finishing touches

The chance to show off your creative skills. Fasten any buckles, close any lids and add your personal touch to the gift packaging.

You could wrap your gift in cellophane, add a bow with hand-tied ribbon or attach a gift card with a special message.

And there you have it…now all that’s left to do is give it to your recipient!


For further tips, take a look at our make your own hamper guides:


But if you don’t fancy making your own hamper and home, you can use our make your own hamper service.

Make your own makes it simple, quick and efficient to create your own hamper.

All you have to do is:

1. Select your destination country and delivery date

This allows us to filter our range to show you items available for delivery to that country and provide you with accurate costs inclusive of all delivery charges and customs fees.


2. Choose your hamper style

Select either our British Hamper gift box or wicker hamper and then choose your hamper size.

Please note that wicker baskets are not available to all destinations due to local customs restrictions.


3. Select any dietary requirements

Notify us if your recipient is vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, halal or diabetic or if they’d prefer a hamper without alcohol.

We’ll then filter our range to include only items suitable for those dietary requirements.


4. Choose your items

Keep adding gourmet treats to your hamper until it’s full.

Use the filters on the side of the page to explore products by type.

Fill your hamper with a range of artisan British produce with our build your own hamper service.


5. Finish your hamper

Select the ‘My hamper is finished’ button, save your hamper and pop in your delivery details and gift message.

We’ll then send out your homemade hamper to arrive in time for your special occasion.


Why make your own hamper with us?

  • It’s personal – designed by you!
  • It’s fast – create your own gift in just a few mouse clicks
  • It’s efficient – tailor your gift to suit your recipient
  • It’s flexible – fill your gift with items your recipient will love!
  • It’s fun!

​​​​​Will you be creating your own hamper at home this year? Send us a photo, we’d love to see how you get on!

For more details on custom hampers, visit our make your own page.