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How to Make Your Own Baby Hamper

31 May 2023

Parents greatly appreciate gifts for their new baby but receiving a hamper is particularly special. 

Whether you make your own baby hamper or buy one, both are thoughtful and practical. It shows time and effort have been made in choosing items, it’s helpful, generous, comforting and it’s definitely fun to open!

We created a range of new baby hampers and gifts so that our customers could send their congratulations to new parents across the UK and worldwide. 

We also launched a Make Your Own Hamper option where you can build your own baby hamper online. 

But, what if you want to make your own baby hamper at home? You may have some personal items to include or want to decorate the hamper your own way. 

Well, let us help. As gift hamper experts, we can give you advice on what to put in a baby hamper, how to present it and how to actually build it. 


Here's how to make your own baby hamper at home

1. Select the right box

It needs to be strong enough to hold the contents but also for transportation.

Presentation is important. It will leave a lasting impression.  Consider lining the box and separating the items with tissue paper.

Perhaps secure the lid with ribbon and slip your personalised message underneath it.

2. Choose the baby hamper contents!

When deciding what to put in a baby hamper, we suggest picking a theme.You could use one of these following themes to create a baby hamper OR you could ‘mix and match’:


Useful ‘basics’ are always appreciated, you can never have too many with all the changing and washing that goes on in those first few weeks!

Choose from:

Bodysuits (like an all-in-one vest)
Sleepsuits (also known as babygros)
Hat for colder weather
Sun hat
Muslin cloths (great multi-tasking cloth!)
Baby wipes
Nappy cream


Baby skincare products that are specially designed for a baby’s delicate skin will be appreciated. Think shampoo, babywash and nappy cream.

You could include a baby brush, baby nail clippers, scratch mitts and a baby toothbrush (for the upcoming months!).

And a fun addition….baby bath toys! 


Toys and books are important for a baby’s development. Safe and stimulating toys engage the senses.

And let’s face it, we all love buying toys!

Soft and plush toys provide comfort and stimulate the senses.

Rattles are traditional toys as babies love the sound of them and they encourage grasping skills and hand-eye coordination.

Teething toys help provide relief for the baby’s sore gums further down the line.

Mobiles that can be hung from the cot are a great idea with their bright colours and, sometimes, melodies.

Books are vital for a baby’s development. Cloth, washable, cardboard, textured, interactive, pop-up….you name it, babies (and parents) love them!

There are so many lovely books out there for all ages and stages of babyhood.


Why not include a little something for the parents? 

Tired, worn-out, emotional parents will be delighted to find something just for them!

It’s a kind and thoughtful addition and they’ll certainly appreciate it.

Chocolates, sweet/savoury treats, magazines (for the odd 2 minutes they might have!), candles, bath stuff……


Personalising gifts with the new baby’s name is very thoughtful,  cherished by the parents and treasured for years to come.

Blankets, towels, clothes, soft toys, keepsake boxes, photo frames, books and more.



We have an exciting range of baby hampers to suit all budgets, here at The British Hamper Company.

Collections of charming British -designed baby clothes, soft toys, books and more, plus tasty treats and more for the new parents!

Carefully packed and beautifully presented in either traditional wicker or one of our reusable British icon gift boxes, you can add your own gift message.

Available for UK next day delivery with a select range available for international gift delivery.


3. Now pack your baby hamper

As hamper packing experts, we know how to make sure hampers are packed both beautifully and securely. 

Make sure to place any heavier items and jars towards the bottom of the hamper and lighter items towards the top. 

And if you have any perishable items, keep space for these at the top as they'll need to be packed last minute. In our hampers we place perishable food into special cool bags which you can quite easily find online. 

Always wrap glass jars and bottles in a protective wrapper. You can use bubblewrap, but if you're eco-conscious like us you can use either cardboard sleeves or biodegradable bubble wrap. 

We recommend packing in layers with hamper filling in between. This not only looks great but protects all items too. 


4. Finish and close your baby hamper

Make sure to add a top layer of hamper filling for that extra element of surprise and anticipation!

Securely fasten any buckles and close lids on boxes. A hand-tied ribbon is always a smart option which adds additional security too. 

We recommend finishing the baby hamper with a handwritten gift note. 

And there it is - your new baby hamper is complete!


We hope that’s given you a few ideas on what to include in a new baby (and parent!) hamper.

Welcoming a new baby into the world is certainly a time for celebration but it’s also a time when new parents need the greatest support.

Rest assured, receiving your new baby hamper will bring joy!