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Make your own

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Add a personal touch to your gift using our build your own hamper service. Simply choose your hamper box or basket, fill it with British artisan produce and we'll take care of the rest.

How does it work?

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Choose the perfect hamper to suit you

Firstly, select your hamper type. Choose from our reusable luxury gift boxes, patterned with British icons and landmarks, or our traditional wicker baskets.

You can then select the size of your gift box or basket depending on how many items you'd like to include.

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Select your delivery country & dietary needs

Choose UK delivery or international gift delivery for your custom hamper and select any relevant dietary requirements.

We'll use this to provide you with a selection of our British artisan produce most suited to your recipient.

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Fill your hamper with artisan produce

Next, it's time to fill your hamper! Explore our selection of gourmet British treats, using the provided filters to refine your search.

Keep adding your favourite items to your gift until it's full, then we'll send it off on its way.

Corporate Gifting

Create a custom gift for your clients or employees using our make your own hamper service.

Designed for efficiency, our make your own hamper service allows you to tailor a gift to suit the specific needs of your client or colleague.

Whether you're ordering for UK or international delivery, alcohol or alcohol free gifts, vegan, vegetarian or gluten free hampers, we've made it simple to create a personalised gift to suit your requirements.

To enquire about placing a large volume order or to discuss further bespoke options and branding, please get in touch with our corporate experience team

We'd be delighted to assist with your bespoke hamper requirements, whether you're looking for gifts for 1 or 10,000. 


Bespoke design options


Can I send a hamper to USA?

You can send a make your own hamper to USA today. Simply click 'Make your own hamper' and you'll be asked to provide your delivery destination before selecting which items are available.

How far in advance should I create my hamper?

You can order a custom hamper with us up to 3 months in advance.


If creating your own Christmas hamper, we recommend ordering as early as possible and selecting a delivery date closer to Christmas to ensure availability of our Christmas items. 

Can you build your own afternoon tea hamper?

Of course! Head to the afternoon tea section when selecting your items at checkout.


There you'll find scones, jam and clotted cream for UK delivery and teas, coffees and afternoon tea cakes for international hamper delivery.

How do I create a gluten free hamper gift?

To create a custom gluten free gift, simply select the gluten free option under the dietary requirements section after you've selected your hamper packaging.


This will then filter our range to those that are entirely gluten free.


You can also create vegan food hampers, vegetarian gift baskets, halal gifts, alcohol free gifts and diabetic hampers using our create your own hamper service.

Can you create a build your own gift basket with wine?

Yes, you can create a bespoke hamper with wine if your hamper is being delivered within the UK customs union. Look for the Alcoholic drinks section when selecting your items at checkout.

Am I able to buy wicker baskets?

You can buy wicker baskets from us as part of a food hamper, however we do not sell baskets individually.


To select a wicker basket as your hamper base, simply select the wicker icon in the Choose hamper page.

What are the dimensions of your wicker baskets and gift boxes?

The dimensions of our make your own gift boxes are as follows:


Classic British Hamper Gift Box - 17 X 38 X 22 cm   6.7 X 15 X 8.7 inches


Gourmet British Hamper Gift Box - 20 X 41 X 30 cm  7.9 X 16.1 X 11.8 inches


Extravagance British Hamper Gift Box - 22 X 43 X 36 cm  8.7 X 16.9 X 14.2 inches


The dimensions of our build your own wicker hampers are:


Traditional Wicker Hamper - 18 X 41 X 30 cm  7.1 X 16.1 X 11.8 inches


Gourmet Wicker Hamper - 22 X 49 X 34 cm  8.7 X 19.3 X 13.4 inches


Celebration Wicker Hamper - 30 X 57 X 40 cm  11.8 X 22.4 X 15.7 inches


Grand Occasion Wicker Hamper - 34 X 66 X 40 cm  13.4 X 26 X 15.7 inches