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Taste Review |Yorkshire Popcorn

29 Mar 2016

We use a really good ready salted (luxury hand cooked with natural sea salt) crisp from Yorkshire Crisps and a brilliant Henderson’s Relish flavour one as well, but hadn’t realised that they now make a range of popcorn too. We were looking for a new popcorn as a counterpoint to crisps (and there are some jolly good British offerings now) so we asked them to let us try one or two of theirs and were rather bowled over to receive all six from their range. Sweet, Salty, Sweet and Salty, Luxury Toffee, Strawberry and Cherry Toffee and Coconut Toffee. They come in the Yorkshire Crisps signature drum which we love for sending crisps in pristine condition around the world. The luxury toffee flavours are in small drums and the traditional sweet and salty varieties are in the generous larger drums. All are free from gluten, nuts, MSG, GM and anything else nasty you can think of. Yorkshire Popcorn Strawberry and Cherry Toffee Flavour   Personally, I loved all the flavours and hadn’t got a hope of finding a favourite; even the slightly off-the-wall Strawberry and Cherry Toffee one was delicious and in the running for top honours as far as I was concerned, so with some reluctance I had to share my hoard to garner wider opinion. Unfortunately, that didn’t really do much to narrow the field. I tried a selection of ages and genders as they passed through the kitchen over the week and whilst everyone loved the stuff and most people could indicate a vague preference, there was no sign of a real consensus. The best I could gather was that most people liked the larger drums more than the smaller, but that is probably as much about volume as flavour! Yorkshire-Popcorn On balance and from a healthy viewpoint because all flavours had their champions, I rather favour the Sweet and Salty offering for a sweet snack as it is absolutely delicious and each large drum only accounts for 28g of carbohydrate and the Salted version at 18g of carbs both of which are a great healthy alternative to crisps which come in at around 60g of carbs for a large drum.