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Which Social Media Platforms Are The Most Popular With Food Producers In 2020?

01 Sep 2020

Infographic showing which social media channels are the most popular with food producers in 2020

As a food brand, knowing how to use social media to elevate your business and promote your food is a must. Here are some of the brands getting it right and some ideas you can use! 

Brands Getting Social Right


  • Oreo uses cartoon animation on platforms like Facebook, for example, their post to promote their Halloween cookies.
  • Oreo regularly posts videos of people making all kinds of delicious things with their cookies on their TikTok page - from two ingredient mug cakes to Oreo iced mochas. 

Taco Bell

  • Taco bell was already being praised for their humorous Tweets in 2012. 
  • They later created their very own ‘emoji engine’ where users could @ them with two emojis and the brand would reply in seconds with a GIF based on the two emoji’s - the brand created 600 original GIFs and photos in advance of the campaign.
  • They also have an artistic Instagram account and regularly partner with influencers - they sent one influencer taco related gifts on his birthday! 


  • The brand showcases company culture with fun Instagram Story Highlights, showing off that employees know how to have a good time.
  • Siete also engages with fans with recipe contests and shares followers’ images regularly.


  • KFC utilises their mascot, Colonel Sanders in their campaigns in a unique and funny way. 
  • They regularly post themed campaigns, such as Colonel Sanders as an astronaut, gold statue, and on the cover of a romantic novel. 


  • Domino’s came up with an innovative way for customers to order pizza with a simple Tweet.
  • The brand’s ‘Pizza Legends’ campaign allows people to visit the website, create their own ultimate pizza design, then name it and share it on social media.
  • Staff members also share real pictures of pizza they have made on Instagram to entice followers. 

Social Stats

  • Out of all brand mentions on Twitter, food and drink brands are mentioned the most with 32% share of tweets. 
  • There are 5.7 billion food-related pins on Pinterest.
  • Instagram is where it’s at for food businesses - pizza, steak, and sushi are the top 3 foods posted to Instagram.

Using Social Media As A Food Brand

  • Get creative on Instagram with an artistic photograph style, for instance taking unusual, colourful pictures with your food products.
  • Ensure you have a unique brand voice that aligns with your brand and be consistent across all platforms. 
  • Gain social proof by asking your customers to post creative recipes using your food on their own platforms and repost them. 
  • Host competitions encouraging people to come up with their own recipes or to recreate one of yours.
  • Post short, informative videos on TikTok showing people what they can do with your product in a short amount of time. 
  • Use Instagram Stories to share useful information and tips. 
  • Make your packaging something people want to post on their socials - could you include a fun fact or a joke?