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What Are Some Unique Gift Ideas For A Chocolate Lover?

A rose next to three chocolate truffles

Research shows that eight million Brits eat chocolate every day. Do you know someone who can’t go three meals without it?

If so, it’s easy to find plenty of gift ideas for this self-proclaimed chocolate lover! There are lots of decadent, indulgent items in our shop that are sure to delight their sweet tooth and elicit plenty of raves.

Today, we’re taking a look at a few of our favourite gift baskets and sets to keep on hand the next time you need the perfect present for any occasion!

Prosecco and Chocolate Gift Set

Though it’s marketed for Mother’s Day, our Processo and Chocolate Gift Set is the ideal gift for any adults who love chocolate, all year round!

Hand-packaged in a handsome wooden box with a sliding lid, this set includes a bottle of our favourite Prosecco, straight from world-renowned Ruggeri winemakers. While this bottle is exquisite on its own, we didn’t stop there.

Any chocolate aficionado knows that a box of truffles pairs perfectly with this light-bodied, crisp drink. That’s why we also included a box of sea salt and caramel chocolate truffles from the beloved Piccadilly chocolatier Prestat.

When you check out, simply share your special message with us and we’ll include a personalized notecard with your gift.

Fine Wine and Luxury Chocolate Hamper

Looking for even larger gifts for chocolate lovers and wine drinkers? Check out our Fine Wine and Luxury Chocolate Hamper.

Included in this decorative basket, you’ll find not one but two bottles of wine: a fine Malbec red and a Sauvignon white.

To round out the gift, we’ll also add a box of chocolate made naturally from “bean to bar” by famous Devonshire chocolatier Willie’s Cacao. Containing five individually-wrapped, single-estate cacaos, this tasting box is perfectly portioned and a delight to try. The set also includes a box of chocolate covered Union Jack gourmet truffles from Prestat!

Prestat Union Jack Chocolate Box

Once your recipients taste the Prestat Union Jack truffles in any of our hampers, don’t be surprised if they immediately ask you for more, and for good reason.

Established in 1902 and based in Piccadilly, Prestat is known all over the world as one of the finest chocolatiers. To date, the company has received two Royal Warrants. The company was first designated as Purveyor of Chocolates to Her Majesty The Queen in 1975. Then, in 1999, it was granted a second Royal Warrant by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

The original recipe for Prestat’s trademark truffles was developed way back in 1896. For nearly 120 years, they have been devoured by everyone from the Royal family to retail consumers alike. 

The gourmet truffles in our Prestat Union Jack Chocolate Box were first created for the royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Now, anyone can purchase and enjoy them! The truffles are carefully wrapped in a gorgeous box embellished with a Union Jack emblem and gold bunting.  

Artisan Chocolate Selection

Looking for the perfect birthday gift? Want to find an extra-special way to say “thank you” or send your get-well wishes? Look no further than our deliciously rich Artisan Chocolate Selection

This decorative hamper includes an assortment of different items from a range of local, renowned chocolatiers. First, we’ll include a box of Choccy Scoffy Truffles straight from Monty Bojangles in London. Dusted with fine cocoa, each truffle is filled with a creamy chocolate filling you have to taste to believe.

Next, we’ll add in El Blanco and Milk of the Gods luxury chocolate bars from Willie’s Cacao, along with a box of dark chocolate coated almonds from Mighty Fine. Before packing everything up, we’ll add a bag of posh hot chocolate (or drinking chocolate) from Slone’s of London. From morning to evening, this gift set contains a range of milk and dark chocolate items that offer round-the-clock snacking!

Divinely Decadent Chocolate Hamper

The name of this hamper alone says it all.

Our Divinely Decadent Chocolate Hamper is the ultimate go-to gift for all of the chocolate fiends in your life. Whether you’re celebrating a marriage, a new baby or any occasion in between, you’re bound to make a name for yourself with this extravagant set.

This package includes a few of the items also added to our Artisan Chocolate Selection, including the delicious Choccy Scoffy Truffles from Monty Bojangles, Mighty Fine chocolate-covered almonds, and Slone’s of London drinking chocolate. There are also two chocolate bars from Willie’s Cacao in here: Venezuelan Gold Luxury Chocolate and Milk of the Gods Luxury Chocolate. 

However, we’ve also added a few signature items in here that take it to the next level.

One is the box of Dark Chocolate Orange Batons from Reivers. Handcrafted in Northumberland using traditional pans, each baton contains a slice of candied orange zest coated in scrumptious dark chocolate.

In addition, you’ll also find Dark Chocolate English Mint Creams from Beech’s Fine Chocolates in this hamper! Recognized as the home of traditional British chocolate, Beech’s chocolates have been made with natural ingredients and traditional techniques in the same Preston factory since 1920!

These creams are one of their original recipes, combining refreshing, Hampshire-grown English Black Mitcham Mint oil with delectable dark chocolate. 

Artisan Tea Time Treats Hamper

There are few traditions so divinely British as tea time. Why not help your loved ones make theirs as extravagant as possible with our Artisan Tea Time Treats Hamper?

Filled to the brim with everything they need to host a delightful, any-time break, the centre of this set is the Fairtrade English Breakfast Tea provided by London Tea Company. A smooth blend of two black teas, this light and lively brew is a great way to jumpstart the day.

While they sip, your friends and family members can also nibble on Strawberries and Cream Biscuits from Elegant and English. These crisp, all-butter biscuits are made with natural flavours right in England and pair beautifully with a cup of tea.

In addition, this set includes two packs of Toffee Waffles from Tregreos, containing two waffles each. Each unique “waffle” is actually two thin wafer biscuits, sandwiched with a creamy butter toffee filling in the middle.

As an extra indulgence, we’ve also added a box of Crumbly Fudge from Cotswold Fudge Co.! Similar to the brand’s Traditional Butter Fudge, this version is made without golden syrup, for a slightly softer, purer taste that highlights the distinct flavour of condensed milk. Finally, we couldn’t create a chocolate hamper without adding in two bars of luxury chocolate from Willie’s Cacao! In this box, you can treat your recipients to the El Blanco and Milk of the Gods flavours.

Gluten-Free Sweet Treats Gift

Studies show that one in 10 people in the U.K. now avoid gluten. Does this include someone special in your life?

If so, you can still give them all the chocolate and sweets that their hearts desire, thanks to our Gluten Free Sweet Treats Gift.

This adorable box includes Costwold Fudge Co.’s Crumbly Fudge and two bars of Willie’s Cacao chocolates (El Blanco, Milk of the Gods). In addition, we’ve included Cranberry Crunch Cookies from Angelic, one of Britain’s top gluten-free brands. The hamper also includes sweet, dried apple crisps from family-owned-and-operated Perry Court Farm located in the North Downs of Kent.

Diabetic Treats Gift

If you know someone with diabetes, you might be hesitant to gift them a box filled with sweets and chocolates. However, you can rest easy with our Diabetic Treats Gift.

This box is filled with goodies that anyone following a low-sugar diet can happily and safely enjoy. We start by adding Fairtrade English Breakfast Tea from London Tea Company. Then, we round out the package with delightful cookies and biscuits that make tea time extra-special.

Take the All British Cheddar Biscuits, for instance. Created by Grate Britain, these biscuits are handmade in the west country by Ford Farm using real English cheddar. We also add in a tube of Sugar-Free Oat Crunch Biscuits by Farmhouse Biscuits!

When it’s time to transition to something a little sweeter, this gift set includes a bar of low-sugar milk chocolate from luxury U.K. chocolatier Rococo Chocolates. 

Surprise and Reward the Chocolate Lover in Your Life

The U.K. is a nation that appreciates and enjoys premium, top-quality chocolate. When it’s time to celebrate this tradition and recognize someone special in your life, we have the hampers and gift sets that go the extra mile.

Any chocolate lover would be thrilled to receive any of the boxes on this list! The next time you need for a unique and unexpected way to show your appreciation or admiration, we’ve got you covered.

Feel free to check out the rest of the hampers on our site, including those made for special holidays and themes! If you have any questions or need assistance ordering, feel free to contact us!

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