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Typically British Problems

08 Mar 2017

Britain is known for many things; the Queen, tea, Ben Nevis, fish and chips, The Beatles, strawberries and cream, William Shakespeare, Pimms, the Loch Ness monster, Wimbledon, afternoon tea, our stiff upper lip, our talent at avoiding people in unplanned situations and our loyalty to queues. Here are a few examples of other typically British behaviour we seem to be known for; 1.. Speaking to a foreigner in English with an adopted accent. 2.. Panicking before you greet someone for the first time, is it a handshake or one kiss or 2 kisses or a hug … a dance?! 3.. Saying ‘I’m OK’ and ‘I’m not bothered’ when you are definitely not OK and you most certainly are bothered. 4.. Flocking to a beer garden the moment the sun comes out. 5.. Pretending to the hairdresser that you like your new haircut, when you actually have tears in your eyes and are googling the nearest wig shop. 6.. Waiting for someone else to say goodbye before you, to check the correct etiquette. 7.. Asking for directions and walking off in the direction they told you despite you knowing its wrong. 8.. Wearing swimming gear and sunglasses when its 17 degrees and the sun isn’t even out yet. 9.. Pressing the close button on a lift when you see someone approaching, then saying you didn’t see them when they catch the doors. 10.. Inviting someone to an event then pointing out the numerous reasons they won’t want to come. 11.. Hiding from the window cleaner. 12.. Pretending your comfortable when the hairdresser is washing your hair, even though your neck is broken. 13.. Debating the pronunciation of scone (moan) and scone (gone) – it’s the latter (!) 14.. Carrying an umbrella, bikini, jumper and sunglasses in your handbag, because you just never know. 15.. The irritation you feel when you make way for a fellow car and they don’t thank you. 16.. Sitting in the aisle seat on a train so it’s less likely someone will sit next to you. 17.. Apologising to the person that walked into you. 18.. Inviting people to a barbecue at the first hint of a clear sky. Even if that clear sky is grey. It seems to be that we’re either too awkward or too polite, you decide!