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How To Plan An Easter Egg Hunt At Home

08 Mar 2024

Not long now until Easter!  This year’s celebration is from the 29th March to 1 April.

Wondering what to do with the kids over this long weekend?

Want something that doesn’t involve going out, trying to find parking or waiting in long queues?

Then how about an Easter egg hunt at home!

It doesn’t matter the size of your house or garden and it doesn’t matter if the weather is rubbish!

It’s an ideal Easter activity enjoyed by ALL AGES!  


Where did the Easter egg hunt come from?

It’s thought that it came from Germany – perhaps late 16th century - when Protestant reformer Martin Luther organised egg hunts for his congregation. The men would hide the eggs for women and children to find, symbolising the discovery of Jesus’ empty tomb by women.


The Easter Bunny (originally known as the Easter Hare) also has Lutheran roots. Hares, associated with fertility and the Virgin Mary, were said to bring a basket of brightly painted eggs (NOT chocolate, that came later!) for the children who’d been good and they would be hidden around the house and garden.


Preparing for your own egg hunt at home:

Careful planning is the key to a happy and successful Easter egg hunt.

Things to think about:

  • Date and time – it doesn’t need to be Easter Day itself, it’s up to you.
  • Invitations  - send out in plenty of time. You need an idea of numbers so you know how many eggs to buy/ refreshments to provide.
  • Whether you’ll have it inside or outside - the beauty of an Easter egg hunt is that it works well in either.
  • Take a look at the weather forecast – it might help you decide the above!
  • Safety – important particularly if having it outside AND especially if you have young kids coming (think about ponds, unfenced areas, gates, steps, stairs etc).
  • Hiding places – do you have enough places, easy and more challenging ones, for all ages?  Have a rough idea of where you’ll put them.


It might even be possible to separate areas of your home/garden, to suit both toddlers and teens/adults. You don’t want tears!

If done indoors, decide which areas are out of bounds – you don’t want your house ransacked.

Be mindful of any animals or pets - they might get to the tasty treats first!



  • Clues or no clues?  Both types are fun but obviously with the clues (for older kids) it’ll take a little longer and some love a challenge.

Even without clues, it can take a while if you’ve chosen some clever spots!

  • What sort of refreshments will you be providing?

It’s a good idea to have snacky type food and drink to grab whilst busy hunting or spectating. It’s thirsty and strenuous work after all!

The kids might be too busy scoffing their chocolate afterwards but the adults might appreciate brunch, a light lunch or afternoon tea.

It’s all about making it an occasion!

Complement your Easter egg hunt with our gourmet hampers, offering everything from picnic essentials to afternoon tea delights.

  • The eggs themselves (very important!):  Decide how many you’ll need- ideally there needs to be enough for each person to fill whatever bag or basket you’ve given them. That’s true indulgence!

Choose different sizes and types. This is all part of the excitement, discovering an assortment/comparing!

  • Something to consider  - Do you want all chocolate eggs or would you like some plastic eggs too that can be filled with small treats? Believe it or not, there are some who are not keen on chocolate!
  • Before the kick-off:  Lay down some ground rules first!  Tell them where they can or can’t go, remind them of manners, looking out for others and tell them if there’s a prize at the end for the most collected - that’ll really add to the excitement, giving it a competitive edge! 

Here at BHC we have a wonderful egg weigh-in at the end of our Easter egg hunts to decide who's won!.


We hope that’s helped if you’re thinking of organising an Easter egg hunt at home.   

They’re simple and great fun for all ages from toddlers to 100! 

Whether you’re hosting, taking part or spectating we think you’ll agree it’s a joyful, memorable event.


Make the day unforgettable with our range of Easter hampers, perfect for gifting or enjoying during your own Easter celebrations. Happy hunting!