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Gluten Free Brownie Mix Review

04 Apr 2016

Managing a gluten free diet at home has always beDelicious Alchemy Chocolate Brownie Mixen relatively straightforward if you take it seriously, but it’s significantly more difficult when you are out in the world and relying on others. Our resident coeliac hates the slightly awkward conversation with waiters  “I’m coeliac so I need to be gluten free…” which usually results in decent but restricted choices for starters and main courses, but too often fruit salad for pudding (or cheese…..without the biscuits). Now, she’s no fruit dodger, but how disappointing is that!? It really doesn’t have to be that way. We make a gluten free brownie at home using ground almonds, and they’re fantastic; even normal humans love them! And now it’s become something of a doddle using a brilliant ‘cheat’ from from Delicious Alchemy. Their gluten and dairy free chocolate brownie mix is so simple to use and makes fantastic, rich and delicious gluten free brownies. Delicious-Alchemy-Gluten-Free-Brownie-Mix-Baking-The-British-Hamper-Company-BlogI love simple in the kitchen! All I had to do was empty the mix into the Kenwood bowl, add two eggs (from our unfailingly productive leghorns) and 100g of butter give it a quick mix and spoon it into a cake tin. 20 minutes in the oven and I’d produced a batch of perfect, slightly gooey brownies. I thought a dollop of crème fraiche would add a touch of sophistication to my creation, but the Coeliac was having none of that malarkey andDelicious Alchemy Brownie Mix with Creme Freche - The British Hamper Company Blog enjoyed hers hot with coffee. There were a couple left in the morning and they were firmer by then and just as delicious. I’ll not be faffing about with the ground almonds anymore, or the creme fraiche. As we don't currently stock Delicious Alchemy take a look at their full range available on their website by clicking here and why not take a look at our Gluten Free Hampers here, designed by coeliac's, for some gift inspiration.     Delicious-Alchemy-Brownie-Mix---British-Hamper-Company-Blog