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Christmas Around The World - Argentina

30 Sep 2020

From October to a week before Christmas we send thousands of Christmas Hampers across the world - so we have decided to research how Christmas is celebrated in different customs, looking at the dates Christmas is celebrated, religious influences, Christmas decorations used, local Christmas customs and what food is traditionally eaten at Christmas.

So today we start with Argentina


Similar to many western countries preparations for Christmas begin from late November / early December with the main Christmas celebration occurring on Christmas Eve (24th December) when many people will attend mass

Religious Influence

Largely Catholic so many Argentinians also celebrate Advent

Illuminated Blue Bauble Christmas Decoration


Houses are decorated with lights and Christmas wreaths of green, gold, red and white flowers. Red and white garlands are hung on the doors of houses. Traditionally Christmas tress are decorated at the latest by the 8th December, with artificial trees becoming much more popular. Some people like to decorate their Christmas trees with cotton balls to give the impression of snow on the branches.

The nativity scene, known as "Pesebre" is put near the Christmas tree


Christmas cards and presents aren't really common, although some gifts are exchanged between close family and friends. Many people set off fireworks and raise a toast at midnight on Christmas Eve as it becomes Christmas Day. People also let off "Globos" which are paper decorations with lights inside that float (similar to Chinese lanterns)

Christmas Turkey With Turkey Leg

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels


The main Christmas meal is served between 10pm and 11pm on Christmas Eve, and often takes place in a garden (or can sometimes be a barbecue). The typical foods are: roast turkey, roast pork, roast goat, veal with an anchovy and tuna sauce, stuffed tomatoes, salads and sandwiches.

For dessert Argentinians will eat bread and puddings, as well as fruit salads, ice creams, pies and sweets

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Cover Photo by from Pexels