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Gift By Text

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Introducing gift by text

Let us help you find the perfect last minute gift for friends or family. 

Selecting the Gift By Text option on any of our gift baskets at the checkout enables you to quickly organise a hand-packed gourmet British food gift for a friend or loved one.

  • Ideal last minute gift idea
  • Gifting by Text can instantly send the recipient a gifting message with a link to a personalized message and details of your gifted food basket.
  • Quick and easy!

Gifts by Text is a great option for corporate bulk orders too as it removes the need for you to collate addresses. If you'd like to explore this further, we welcome you to get in touch with our Corporate Experience Team here

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How does it work?

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Find the perfect gift

We have a huge range of hand-packed gift baskets and gift boxes for all ages and tastes.

All of our British food gifts are available to Gift By Text. Simply browse the site, select the gift basket of your choice and proceed to the checkout when ready.

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Select 'Gift by Text' option

During the checkout process you can select which hamper is to get nominated for Gift By Text.

Simply complete the recipients details (Name / Mobile Telephone Number / Message / Email address etc) and continue to the checkout to pay for the item.

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A text is sent to your recipient

When the order is completed your recipient will receive a text message from GIFTBYTEXT explaining that you have purchased a gift for them.

A second text message follows with the unique link to their personalized gifting page so they can arrange delivery. 

The Recipient

Here's what happens after you place your order:

Your chosen recipient receives a text message at the time / date of your choosing. This text message clearly states that you have kindly purchased a lovely gift basket for them.

When they click the link in the text message on their phone, it takes the recipient to their own personalized gifting page showcasing the gift message you have written along with the details of the food basket you have purchased for them.

The recipient then simply selects the ‘Arrange Delivery’ button to enter their preferred delivery date and address.

We'll then deliver the gift basket by their preferred delivery date and all your recipient has to do is sit back and wait for their delicious arrival!

gift by text by british hamper co


What is Gift by Text?

Gift by Text is a special method for sending gifts.

Instead of choosing your gift basket and entering your recipient’s address details and choosing a gift delivery date, you choose your food basket and send a text message or email to your recipient. Your recipient then receives a link to their gift so that they can enter their address details themselves.

Gifts by Text is a brilliant solution for last minute gifts and same day gift delivery. As soon as you checkout, your recipient will receive the link to their gift (unless you’ve chosen a later date for them to receive it).

It means that if there isn’t time for them to physically receive the gift in time for the special date, they can at least receive the gift link and read your personal gift message.

Gift by Text is also a great option for business orders. If you’re ordering a large number of client gifts or team gifts, it may be too huge a task to collate recipient addresses – either for GDPR or time reasons.

With Gift by Text, all you need to do is provide us with either recipient mobile numbers or email addresses and they’ll receive a link to fill out their address information themselves. Our Corporate Experience Team would love to help further – please email

Gift by Text is an efficient, hassle-free gifting option for corporate gifts, last minute gifts, same day delivery gifts and fast delivery gifts.

How do I send a gift by text?

Sending a gift by text is more personal than sending a gift voucher by text. You’ve already chosen the gift and added your personalized gift message, showing that you've spent time and consideration on the gift.

To send a gift by text, you just need to choose the ‘gift by text’ option on any of our food baskets in the checkout.

You’ll then be required to provide your recipient’s mobile number and/or email address before making payment.

Once checked out, your recipient will receive the link to their gift, upon which they can enter their address details and organise delivery.

Gift by text is a brilliant option for same day delivery and last-minute gifts! Your recipient can receive their link immediately and will have the opportunity to schedule gift delivery for when it suits them.

When do the Gifts by Text vouchers expire?

If you order a British food basket using our gifts by text option, your recipient will have 1 year to organise delivery from the date they receive the link.

This extended delivery time frame gives you recipient the freedom to schedule gift delivery for when it suits them.

Why send a gift by text?

Sending a gift by text is an exciting, modern and hassle free way to receive a gift for the following reasons.

  • It provides same day delivery. The moment you check out online, your recipient will receive a link to their gift via text message or email (unless you choose a later date for them to receive it). The link will contain a personal message from you along with a photo of their gift basket that you’ve kindly sent them. Rather than the gift physically arriving on the same day, your recipient will then have the freedom to choose when they’d like the gift delivered. We offer fast delivery gifts UK and internationally as well as future scheduled gifts.

  • It’s a great last minute gift solution. Has an important date crept up on you and you haven’t organised a gift? With our efficient, hassle-free online checkout, you can choose the ‘gift by text’ option on all our luxury food baskets. Your recipient will receive their gift the same day you checkout, via an email or text message link, and they can then organise delivery.

  • It’s a hassle-free bulk corporate gifting solution. If you’re placing an order of a large number of corporate gifts, you may find it difficult to collate all your recipients’ addresses in time. With ‘gift by text’, you can simply collate mobile numbers and/or email addresses. We’ll then send the gift via a link to each recipient, and they can enter their own addresses and choose when they’d prefer delivery. Our Corporate Experience Team would love to help further at

  • It’s a great corporate gifting method for HR departments that send gifts year-round. With the rise of employees and clients now working from home, keeping on top of addresses is difficult. If you send corporate gifts year-round, it’s likely your address lists need continuous updating as people move home. It’s much rarer for employees to change their email address or mobile number. Want to send a birthday gift basket to each member of your team throughout the year? Just pop us their email address and/or mobile number along with the date you’d like each text to be sent to each person and we’ll send the link to their corporate gift basket.
Which food hampers are available as same day delivery gifts?

With the ‘gift by text’ option, all our luxury food baskets are now available for same day delivery.

Once you add a gift basket to your basket, you’ll be able to choose the ‘gift by text’ option. You can then control when your recipient receives the text or email that contains the link to the food basket you’re gifting them.

This can be same day gift delivery of the text/email or you can schedule for a future date. It’s a great option if you’re looking for fast gift delivery UK or internationally bound.

Do you offer last minute gifts year round?

Yes, all our gift baskets are available for last minute gift delivery and same day gift delivery.

Our gift by text option send a link to the recipient as soon as you check out (unless you choose for them to receive the link at a later date).

We have plenty of gift baskets for year-round gift delivery. So if you’re looking for last minute birthday gifts, same day delivery gifts or fast delivery Christmas food baskets, we can help!

Where can I send last minute gifts to?

You can send last minute gift baskets to all the countries that we deliver to that can be found here - including gifts to Canada.

When choosing a gift basket, make sure you select the country that your food gift will be delivered to. For example if you’re sending a last minute gift basket to a friend in the USA, you’ll choose a gift basket with USA gift delivery. They will then receive a link showing them the food basket you’ve chosen for them along with your gift message. They’ll enter their address details and choose their preferred delivered by date.

Gift by Text means you can send same day delivery gifts abroad – via a link!