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Family Gift Baskets

Family Gift Baskets


Our luxury food gift baskets contain an abundance of top-quality British artisan food, making them exceptional family gift ideas.  

Typically, our gifts for the whole family are larger and contain more delicious treats. This means there’s something for everyone! Family food baskets are sharing style, which means the whole family is brought together to experience the same wonderful gift.

In this sense, it’s more than just a family gift – it’s a family occasion too.

If you’re searching specifically for family Christmas gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place. All our family gift baskets are suitable family Christmas present ideas, and at Christmas, we increase the range to include specifically festive-themed gifts that contain Christmas cake, chocolate Santas, Christmas pudding and more.

Other great family gift basket ideas include afternoon tea gifts for civilized weekends at home and food and wine gift baskets for high-end provisions on staycation.

Aside from gifts for the whole family we also have kids gift boxes. These are sweeter and snack based – but we maintain that they’re suitable for sweet-toothed adults too!

Browse the collection of family food baskets and find further family gift basket delivery information in the FAQs below.

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What type of gift baskets are in this family gift basket collection?

Within this section, we have gift baskets for whole families and gift baskets for kids.


Many of these British food gifts for the whole family and kids’ gift boxes are available for Canada and international gift delivery as well as UK gift delivery.


Our family food baskets are presented in either a traditional wicker basket or a British themed family gift box.


Both gift basket types are high quality, recyclable and reusable.

How do you figure what to put in a family gift basket?

We decide what to put in a family food basket by considering all demographics and likely preferences of family members.


For example, we make sure there are plenty of sweet delights for the kids, as well as snacking items such as crisps and biscuits.


We then make sure to put in a family gift basket lots of items for the parents, such as wine, cheese and condiments.

What is a family gift basket?

A family gift basket is a luxury gift for the whole family to enjoy together.


A family gift box or basket is usually larger in size to make sure there’s something in there for all family members to enjoy.


Our family food baskets are presented in either a family gift box or a family gift basket and they can be delivered abroad as well as the UK.

Why is a family gift basket a good gift idea?

A family gift basket is a good gift idea because it brings the whole family together to enjoy a shared experience.


Our family food baskets contain a vast range of food items which makes them interesting, conversational gifts that the family can bond over.