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What To Buy New Parents For Christmas

14 Sep 2023

It’s (almost) the festive time of year again.

Your mind’s turning to gift ideas and maybe, if you’re organised,  you’ve started a list.

But wait, perhaps this year things have changed?

Do you have friends or family members that are new parents? 

Are you scratching your head wondering what to give them for Christmas?


Don’t worry, we’ve got a few suggestions…. a mixture of practical and sentimental gifts for both brand new parents and for 2nd time, 3rd time etc parents!


  • Family photoshoot

An amazing gift, creating memories!

There are some wonderfully talented photographers out there who will capture those special moments. Often with a choice of settings (could even be in their own home!).


  • Tickets for a Christmas Panto or Family Show

A thoughtful and fun gift, particularly suitable for those with older children who often feel overlooked after the arrival of a new sibling.


  • Spa Day

A fantastic gift for tired and stressed new parents……the chance to relax at a spa for a day or even just a couple of hours.  New parents don’t have the time or energy to indulge themselves so this is an absolute treat.

Which brings us on to the next gift idea…..


  • Babysitting!

Could you spare a couple of hours looking after the new baby/other kids so that the new parents can take some time out for themselves?!

If the new parents are happy to leave the baby, this makes a very kind and thoughtful gift and they will be highly appreciative!


  • Restaurant Gift Card

The beauty of a gift like this is that the parents get to choose when they can go….it may not be for a few months but rest assured they’ll look forward to it!


  • Photo Album/Photo Frame

Taking photos is an enjoyable (and inevitable!) activity for new parents so how about an album they can use and keep forever? We all enjoy looking through our old baby albums (don’t we?!).

And photo frames will always be put to good use.


  • Home-cooked meal(s)

Never underestimate the joy of a home-cooked meal!  Especially when you’re stressed and worn out with little time (or inclination) to prepare a proper meal.

Just imagine the look of delight on their faces when you turn up with one!  It doesn’t have to be a meal….a cake/biscuits will do the job!


  • Luxury Hamper

How about a hamper brimming with treats for both parents and baby this Christmas?

We have a wonderful range of hampers to suit all budgets here at BH.

Our hampers are packed with award-winning food and drink from leading British artisan producers plus delightful toys and clothing for the baby.

All carefully packed and beautifully presented.

Check out our ‘Gifts for New Parents’ range.


  • Reusable coffee mug

If there’s ever a time for coffee, it’s after the birth of a baby!  Constantly on the go and, even more so for those with older kids too, there seems little time to enjoy one. So how about a travel mug, leakproof and keeps your coffee hot when out and about?

A thoughtful and practical gift.


  • Fitness Tracker

Ok, it seems a bit cruel to give new parents anything to do with fitness but, believe me, many new parents are keen to ‘stay in shape’ and at least keep a step count going!  Ideal for when they’re out pounding the pavements with the pram.


  • Subscription Box

Choose from monthly boxes of coffee, wine, beauty products, meal ingredients, books, chocolates… you name it!  How amazing to receive a gift box regularly in the first few months of parenting!

Little bursts of joy help new parents cope.


  • Baby’s First Christmas

A baby’s first Christmas is an important milestone for all concerned. So how about a personalised gift?

Choose from personalised baubles and other tress decorations, stockings, bibs, clothing, books and more.

These will be cherished by the family and kept forever.



We hope this has given you a few ideas for Christmas gifts for new parents.

Christmas is a joyful and magical time for most of us but for new parents, short of sleep and time, often financially stretched but wanting to join in with the festivities, it can be extra stressful.

Thoughtful and kind gifts show support and understanding for the family and they’ll certainly be appreciated.