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Welcome aboard the Hamper Express!

15 Jun 2015

Welcome to our first blog post!


Luxury British Food

Sampling Teoni's biscuits and Lyme Bay Strawberry Wine.


Here, we will be sharing with you our love for good British food through taste reviews on food, wine, restaurants, recipes as well as success stories from our passionate artisan food producers.

So hop aboard the Hamper Express as we take you on a great food adventure!

But before we begin down the path of good food discovery we thought we’d share with you a little more about us; what is The British Hamper Company?

Family business We’re a family run business created by Mike, Liz and James Tod and we’re based just outside the cathedral city of Lincoln in the quiet, calm east of England where we specialise in the worldwide delivery of luxury British food hampers and gifts. 

The British Hamper Company Lincolnshire

Welcome to The British Hamper Company.


The home of the business is a series of converted Victorian barns in the heart of rural Lincolnshire so are very lucky to be surrounded by the sights and sounds of the countryside. Whilst we’re not being distracted by the sight of new born lambs and abundant wildlife we’ll be watching the Red Arrows RAF display team practising overhead. We must admit its bliss!


Specialists in sourcing the finest artisan food in Britain As a family we’re all ‘foodies’ and are immensely proud of the quality and variety of food being produced in the UK by small artisan producers. All of these independent producers are creating their niche producing food in small batches to individual recipes, often handed down through the generations and always with a short list of quality ingredients, created and packaged with passion to make a very special end product.

Tregroes Toffee Waffles

British Hamper HQ enjoying delicious Tregroes Toffee Waffles.


We use these artisan producers’ food and drink to create our hampers to make very special food gifts which you’re unlikely to find in the supermarket, BUT are likely to take a step back from, savour the flavour and think, ‘I’ve never tasted such great fudge/tiffin/cheese biscuits, where can I get more?!’


We love delivering worldwide Whilst British food of quality provenance is what we strive to source, as a family, like so many British nationals, we are also in love with travelling and have all been lucky enough to live and work overseas over the years. 


Pimm's Hampers

Enjoying Pimm's and Snackingham in the sunshine.


One thing that binds people wherever you go is a passion for good food and this has given us a keen desire to deliver great British food worldwide, and this accounts for about half of our deliveries.


Sourcing high quality British food from passionate producers, bringing it together in beautiful gift packaging and providing fast and efficient international gift delivery is what we strive to achieve and we have a LOT of fun doing it!