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Christmas Around The World – Greenland

Christmas Around The World Greenland Banner Image
Having looked at how Greece celebrated Christmas, we head off north-easterly for 5032km, where we find ourselves in Greenland. With a population of just 56000, Greenland sees just under 33% of its population living in the capital Nuuk. Around…

Christmas Around The World – Greece

Christmas around the world Greece banner image
Having looked at how Ghana celebrates Christmas in our last stop, we head North East and travel 6740km to Greece to see how the Greeks celebrate Christmas. Greece is often referred to as the ‘Cradle of Western Civilisation’ such…

Christmas Around The World – Ghana

Christmas Around The World - Ghana Banner Image
Having previous look at how Christmas is celebrated in Germany – we find ourselves leaving Europe and heading 4903km south to western Africa to see how Ghana celebrates Christmas. Being close to the equator, Ghana really only enjoys two…

Christmas Around The World – Germany

Christmas around the world Germany banner image
Having stopped off to look at how Georgia celebrates Christmas, we head 3252km North East to Germany to check out their Christmas celebrations. With a population of around 81 million people, and only the seventh largest country in Europe,…

Christmas Around The World – Georgia

Christmas Around The World Georgia Banner Image
Having stopped off in France to see how they celebrate Christmas, we make a 4154km journey to Georgia. Georgia is situated in the Caucasus region of Eurasia, with a coastline on the Black Sea, and borders with Turkey, Armenia…

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