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Our Guide To The Perfect Girls’ Night In

27 Jun 2024

Read time: 4 minutes

We lead busy lives, always on the go with little time to relax, our phones pinging constantly. We keep up with the latest news and keep on top of social media - “see you soon!” or “catch up later!” we say.

But do you often feel exhausted and have a desire to REALLY catch up with friends?

Then let us suggest a girls’ night in!

With a little organisation you can have yourself a chance to catch up, laugh, gossip and above all, relax! 


A step-by-step guide to the perfect evening:


Decide on a date and time to suit you all. Be flexible – work and family commitments have to be worked around. After all, we’re wanting to de-stress, not add to it!

You could coincide the date with a birthday or other celebration for an extra special touch, but this isn't necessary.

Girls’ nights in work for different sizes of groups but with the larger sizes you need to consider space and the fact that dynamics/conversation can be trickier/less intimate... obviously it’s up to you.


Theme or no theme

Have a good think about what you want this evening to be. Of course, it’s perfectly fine to have no ‘theme’ to it, just a chilled evening with friends.

However, themes can be a really fun idea and make the night memorable! If you’re thinking about a theme then plan and buy ahead (and/or ask friends to bring along).

Here’s a few theme ideas:

  • A ‘retro’ evening – an 80’s or 90’s perhaps. Lots of fun especially with the right decorations and clothes!
  • A spa night – a girly evening of shared self-care! Facemasks, hand and feet treatments, nail painting, make-up sessions.
  • A cheese and wine evening – delicious and interesting to try different types. Ask friends to each bring a bottle and a type of cheese or choose from one of our gourmet British cheese and wine hampers.
  • A dessert evening – each person brings along a different dessert (make sure you’re all aware of any food allergies/intolerances).
  • An old-fashioned evening of board games/cards. Low-key but so enjoyable and can keep you entertained for hours (especially if you play Monopoly!)
  • Also old-fashioned – party games! Pin the tail on the donkey, blind man’s buff, hide n seek, charades (you get the gist) – guaranteed to make you giggle!
  • A picnic evening - ideal for summer nights but even if the weather’s not great, you can replicate it inside, sitting on a blanket. It’ll take you back to the happy days of childhood and have a bit of fun. Check out our range of picnic hampers and enjoy a stress-free evening.
  • A fondue evening – cheese or chocolate. Lots of fun to be had sharing this delicious dish.
  • A cocktail/mocktail evening - each person brings a different one or spend a hilarious evening creating them. Or you can buy ready-made and just spend the evening enjoying them.
  • A good old film night. Chick-flick, horror, comedy, action... whatever, you can’t beat cosying up with great company and a little popcorn!


Create the environment

  • A warm, inviting atmosphere is key, theme or no theme!  
  • Think soft lighting - dimmed lamps and candles.
  • Decorate according to a theme if you have one.
  • Throws, blankets and cushions all help it look and feel comfortable.
  • Cosiness makes people relax and that’s what we want.



Helping to create a mood. Get your playlists ready. What genre? Soft or lively? Perhaps change it as the evening goes on. Nostalgic music is always a crowd-pleaser - make a playlist of your greatest childhood hits whether that's Queen or Taylor Swift!



So important. The highlight even.

There’s no doubt about it, food brings people together!

Our tip here is to keep it simple. No one wants to spend hours preparing or serving but you still want it to be tasty.

Think of easy foods such as:

  • Pizzas.
  • Graze boards.
  • Finger foods – buffet type, sweet and savoury.
  • Bowls of crisps and sweets.
  • Fondues.
  • Cupcakes.
  • A food and wine hamper.



So much choice here. White wine, red wine, cider, cocktails, soft drinks, hot chocolate, tea and coffee. It may depend on whether you’re having a themed evening (cocktails, wine tasting etc) but make sure you always have a jug of water available.


Ladies’ nights in are a great way to bond and strengthen relationships.

Time spent together, talking, laughing and sharing food is precious.

Take a look at our wide range of hampers for her specially put together with relaxation in mind and just right for an evening with your girlfriends. Delicious food and drink selected for their quality and taste – perfect for sharing!