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Our Guide On What To Put In An Easter Hamper

05 Apr 2022 by Sophie White

There are a few things to consider when deciding what to include in a homemade Easter gift basket:

Is it for one person or for a family to share?

If it’s for sharing, think about including enough of each item so each person can try some! Multiple Easter eggs or family sized bags of chocolates or sweets will be much easier to share.

You could also include a game for everyone to play together.


Do they like chocolate?

A chocolate egg is a classic Easter treat but what about Easter gifts for those that don’t like chocolate?

There are plenty of other Easter themed snacks you could include! In the run up to Easter, many local shops have varying flavoured hot cross buns, chewy chick shaped candy or jelly bunny sweets.

Why not try baking a Simnel cake for to a personal touch to your gift?


Is it for adults or children?

If you are making a hamper for adults, think about including both sweet and savoury options.

If they are a wine and cheese lover, try adding a bottle of red or white wine along with a selection of cheeses.

For children, think about including games and toys as well as the sweet treats.


Do you want to include just food items, games or a combination of the two?

If you’re creating an Easter food hamper, you could include fresh local produce to celebrate the spring such as rhubarb, spring greens or asparagus.

For a gift without food, think about including toys, games or flowers.


What type of hamper box will you put the Easter treats in?

A traditional wicker basket makes a beautiful base for a homemade hamper and can be bought from most craft shops or local garden centres.

You can also try reusing and decorating an old shoe box or recycle an old gift box.


What type of filler will you use?

Adding shredded tissue paper or straw will not only keep your gifts in place but also keep the items hidden until discovered, adding to the opening experience!

Try a local craft shop for colourful options or simply tear up some old newspapers or fabric and arrange them in the gift basket.


Here are our top suggestions for things to put in a hamper for Easter:


Easter Chocolates

From chocolate eggs to chocolate bunnies, there are a multitude of options when it comes to adding chocolate to your Easter gift hamper.

Aim for variety in the sizes and types of chocolates you include – larger Easter eggs make a gift basket look more full but multiple smaller ones give more opportunity for sharing and a choice of flavours for different palates.

Other great options include:

  • Mini eggs
  • Chocolate bunnies
  • Chocolate chicks
  • A chocolate selection box

Top tip: Try some colourfully wrapped small chocolate eggs around larger items in your basket; they’ll look great and be perfect for sharing!


Hot Cross Buns and Simnel Cake

Staples of a British Easter, hot cross buns and Simnel cake make a lovely addition to an Easter gift!

There’s plenty of recipes out there if you want to try your hand at making some, but they can also be picked up from most major food shops in the run up to Easter.

Did you know? The 11 balls of marzipan on top of a Simnel cake represent the 12 disciples of Jesus (minus Judas).   

Photo by Jasmine Waheed on Unsplash.


Wine and Cheese

Treat the adults to some wine and cheese to enjoy over the long weekend.

If you’re not sure of their preference, try a crowd pleasing pairing, such as:

  • Port and Stilton
  • Prosecco and Vintage Cheddar
  • Sauvignon Blanc and Goats Cheese
  • Pinot Noir and Brie

Top tip: Remember to include some chutney and crackers!



Games are an ideal gift for the whole family to enjoy over the Easter weekend!

There are plenty of puzzles and board games available at charity shops and local stores which are suitable for all ages.

Top tip: If you’re feeling creative, why not design an Easter Egg hunt? Hide some Easter treats around the house or garden and write up some instructions or cryptic clues to include in the gift hamper!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.


Creative Activities

Based on a Ukrainian tradition called pysanka, egg decorating is a fun activity for the whole family to take part in over Easter.

You can either buy an egg decorating kit or make one yourself using normal chicken eggs. Make sure the shells are smooth and without cracks – the eggs can then be hollowed out and any holes plugged with beeswax before decorating.

Top tip: Be sure to include colouring pens or multiple colours of paint and a small paintbrush for the decorating.

Photo by Alin Luna on Unsplash.


Spring Themed Gifts

You could also include spring themed gifts for children or adults to celebrate nature and springtime!

Seed packets

Easter and springtime are the perfect opportunity to show children how fun and rewarding growing plants and veggies can be! Pop in a few packets of seeds to get them started.

Toy animals

Fluffy bunny and chick toys are soft and perfect for cuddles and introducing children to the charming baby animals that pop up in the springtime.

Easter fancy dress

From bunny slippers to chicken and egg costumes, there are plenty of adorable outfits out there. Top tip: Try adding some paper, stencils and face paint for them to create their own Easter look with!


Spring flowers are a lovely way to brighten up someone’s day. Daffodils and tulips will be in full bloom during the spring so are a perfect addition to an Easter hamper!

Did you know? The tradition of Easter comes from a historic spring festival that celebrated the goddess Eostre/Eastre and signified that nature was springing into action with plants and animals waking after a long winter.

Photo by Janan Lagerwall on Unsplash.


Now it’s time to get started! Let us know what you decide to include in your homemade hampers in the comments!


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Stay tuned for our next blog post on how Easter is celebrated around the world.