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Our Guide On What To Put In A Father’s Day Hamper

27 May 2022 by Sophie White

Read time: 10 mins.

Updated on 27th April 2023

With Father’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how to thank your dad, grandad, male role model or father figure for all that they do.

Dads are notoriously difficult to buy for as they already seem to have everything they want, making it quite the challenge to find suitable Father’s Day gifts.

So why not try making something this year?

Creating a homemade Father’s Day hamper is a great way to show your appreciation and treat them to all of their favourite things.

…But where to start?

Firstly, decide whether to make your own hamper online by choosing all their favourite treats or whether to completely make a hamper from scratch at home. 

Surprise him with a thoughtful homemade gift this Father’s Day.


If you decide to make your own hamper at home, here’s our guide on what to put in a Father’s Day hamper.


  1. First, choose the hamper packaging

To start, you’ll need to choose a container to put your Father’s Day gifts inside.

This could be a traditional wicker hamper basket, a gift box or a homemade alternative.

Here are our top suggestions:

  • A wicker picnic basket – The traditional option and something they can keep for years to come. Available at many local craft stores including Hobbycraft and Dunelm, as well as at plenty of online retailers.
  • Reuse a shoebox – A chance to put your craft skills to the test. This can be painted or covered in wrapping paper to make a stylish gift.
  • Recycle a gift box – This is the perfect opportunity to give new life to an old gift box or gift bag. Simply remove any old labels/gift messages, check it over and pop in your Father’s Day gifts.
  • A gift box – Pop to your local stationery shop or craft store and pick up a new gift box.

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Traditional wicker hampers are a charming way to present your Father’s Day gift.

Make sure there’s plenty of room for all the items that you would like to include!


  1. Next, pick the protective filling for the hamper

It’s important to choose a filling for your hamper to add an element of surprise to the gift opening experience, as well as to keep the hamper contents secure.

This is a great opportunity to add some flare to your hamper by using a colourful decorative shred, but you could also recycle some newspaper from home, a great way to be more eco-friendly or to create a hamper on a budget.

Some options for the filling include:

  • Tissue paper – Recycled and recyclable tissue paper is available at most craft shops in a whole host of colours. Simply scrunch or tear the paper to create a soft and decorative hamper bedding.
  • Newspaper – Tear an old newspaper into shreds and arrange the shreds in your hamper box. This looks interesting and will keep the Father’s day hamper contents secure.
  • Hamper shred – You can buy specific hamper shred or paper from online outlets as well as most craft shops, specially designed for this purpose.

Shred some old paper or newspapers for a more eco-friendly hamper.


  1. Choose the items to include in your hamper

You could exclusively include Father’s Day food gifts or non-food items, or perhaps a mixture of the two depending on what he likes.

We’ve included a mixture of food, drink and other items in our list of Father's Day gift ideas so you can choose the items most suited to your father figure’s tastes.

Here are our top suggestions for what to put in a hamper for Father’s Day gift basket…


Father’s Day food ideas for your homemade hamper

  1. A beer or ale selection

If he’s an ale or beer lover, treat him to a selection of ales or craft beer gifts. You could select one or two of his favourites, along with some new craft beers or ales for him to try.

Father's day beer gifts are a great present for him to kick back and relax with on his special day and if he’s not a drinker, there are plenty of alcohol-free beers and ales out there for him to enjoy.

Pair these with some nibbles such as roasted nuts, crisps or savoury biscuits for the ultimate foodie relaxation.

Need some more inspiration? Take a look at our Beer and Bar Snacks Hamper.

A bottle of beer next to a glass of beer

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Treat him to a craft beer father's day gift.

Remember to ask an adult for permission to include this in your gift if you are under 18.


  1. A cheese selection

If your father figure is a cheese lover, treat him to a selection of British cheeses.

Many local supermarkets and delis have cheese counters, but you could look for a cheese box online to find some of his favourites.

If you’re planning to create a Father's Day cheese hamper with lots of different cheeses try to include a variety of soft, hard, blue and washed rind cheeses to give him a mixture of tastes.

For example, you could include an English Brie, a Somerset Cheddar, Stilton and a pungent Stinking Bishop.

Not sure what to pair the cheese with? Take a look at our Connoisseur’s Wine and Cheese Basket.