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12 Must-Haves For The Perfect Picnic!

21 May 2024

Read Time: 4 minutes

Picnic season is upon us!

Say goodbye to the rain and shake out those blankets!


What do we love about picnics?

Picnics are a much-loved British tradition:

  • They’re great for all ages.
  • They’re fun, relaxed and memorable!
  • They can be enjoyed in a variety of settings – from fields, woods and beaches to parks and even just back gardens.
  • They're healthy and good for you (depending on your food choices!).
  • Food tastes better in the open air.
  • They're easy to prepare (especially if you order an artisan picnic food hamper).



What do we need for the perfect picnic?

  • Good company!
  • A time and date.
  • The perfect location.
  • A peek at the weather forecast (and maybe some emergency umbrellas).
  • Something to sit on. Waterproof blankets are ideal, lightweight foldable chairs are great but even a coat is fine – we’ve had many a perfect picnic sat on our jackets!
  • A basket or bag for the picnic items.
  • Plates and simple utensils.
  • Games (ball games and card games are both great).
  • FOOD!

Which brings us on to the most important part!


Perfect artisan foods for a picnic:

As a luxury food hamper business that sources and uses artisan foods,
we know a bit about this!


What do we mean by artisan foods?

  • They’re made from high quality ingredients with fewer additives.
  • They’re made in a traditional way by skilled craftworkers known as food artisans.
  • They’re often made by hand.
  • They’re often made with locally sourced ingredients.
  • They’re made in small batches and are not mass produced.

So which artisan treats do we suggest for popping into that picnic


  1. Bread – crusty loaves, soft rolls, sourdoughs... the choice of artisan breads out there is amazing. Online, in bakeries OR make your own at home! Bread is the base of your picnic as you'll use it with your sandwiches, cheeses, preservatives, and even maybe just on it's own.
  2. Cheeses – artisan cheese, what a delight! The variety available is fantastic and the taste unmatched. Eat chunks on thier own or pair with bread and crackers – heavenly!
  3. Meats – a selection of artisan cured meat is easy to take along on a picnic and so tasty. Many don’t even need to be kept cold. Salami, pepperoni, chorizo... kids especially seem to love them!
  4. Smoked salmon - for a touch of luxury on your picnic! Eat with bread, biscuits or naughtily on its own, this makes a wonderful addition to a picnic.
  5. Chutneys/pickles – there are some really good artisan ones out there and small jars can be transported easily in your basket (just don’t forget a spoon). Goes particularly well with the cheeses and bread!
  6. Olives - good quality olives are a treat in a picnic and complement many foods . Refreshing and tasty, they’re healthy too!
  7. Crisps – is a picnic a picnic without crisps?! Well you’re in luck – there are artisan crisp makers who make all sorts of wonderful flavours. Easy to eat and loved by all.
  8. Savoury biscuits – as an alternative or addition to bread. Deliciously crisp and moreish, plain or flavoured, look out for the artisan versions.
  9. Cakes and biscuits – after all the wonderful savoury treats, of course we want ‘pudding’! Wonderful artisanal cakes and biscuits can be found in bakeries and online.
  10. Beer – who doesn’t love a beer outside on a warm sunny day? Try one of the many great British artisan beers - you won’t be disappointed.
  11. Fruit and veg – juicy apples, fresh strawberries, sweet tomatoes - the list of home-grown/locally grown produce available is endless! All easy enough to take on a picnic and even more satisfying if you've grown your own.
  12. Chocolate – last but certainly not least! How about a little chocolate made by skilled artisan chocolatiers? A delightful end to your delicious picnic!



We hope that’s helped you decide what to take for your top quality picnic.

A bit of everything, all from artisan producers.

All easy to transport and eat with minimal equipment!

Just remember as you’re enjoying your picnic, you’re helping to support the local economy and smaller businesses who are passionate about their craft.

If you’re short of time we have an exciting range of Gourmet Picnic Hampers here at The British Hamper Company. All filled with delicious artisan products of course!