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How To Throw The Perfect Tennis Garden Party

31 May 2024

Watching Wimbledon from home?

Experience the excitement like never before by throwing a Wimbledon-themed Tea Party!

It’s the perfect excuse to get together with your loved ones and bask in the summer sun while enjoying good sport and even better food.

Looking for some inspiration? We’ve got you covered!


The Set-Up

The Basics

As with all British summer events, the weather is key! Keep an eye on the forecast and use these recommendations accordingly.

If we’re lucky enough to get some clear skies and sunshine, an outdoor party is definitely best. 

Firstly, you’ll need some garden tables and/or picnic blankets to put your food and drink on.

Whether you set up a three-tiered cream tea or a gourmet wicker picnic basket, we recommend using a solid surface and a pretty tablecloth.




Decorate with some fun tennis decor!

That could be a few tennis balls strewn around, some traditional bunting, novelty paper masks of the players, or even a DIY tennis court, decoration is key to creating the Wimbledon atmosphere.

There’s some fantastic decor sets on Amazon but don’t be afraid to make your own with anything you have around the house.

Remember that it doesn’t need to break the bank; handmade paper bunting and some flowers from your garden will work just as nicely.




You have a couple of options when it comes to the outdoor viewing experience.

If you have limited space then watching the matches indoors on a TV might be best and then your guests can enjoy your garden party afterwards.

Alternatively, using an outdoor projector and an old bedsheet as a screen, you and your guests can watch Wimbledon in the sun. 


The Food

The best bit! Depending on your personal preferences, we have a few recommendations:


Afternoon Tea

A British staple, much like Wimbeldon. Best served on three tiers, your afternoon tea should consist of small sandwiches, biscuits, cake and, of course, tea!

To really delight your guests, you can also include traditional scones with some classic British jam and clotted cream.

For an easy afternoon tea at home, check out our Afternoon Tea Hamper.



Garden parties are a great time to fire up the BBQ and get grilling. It’s a great way to serve hot food whilst still being social, and you can BBQ almost anything you want. 

Enjoy the classics like burgers and sausages, or try something different like grilled salmon or tofu skewers. Super summery and a people-pleaser!


A Picnic

Picnic food is perfect for garden parties. Make sure to include plenty of finger-food such as sandwiches, cocktail sausages, and quiche for your guests to fill their plate with.

To get into the Wimbledon spirit, we also advise having some strawberries and other fresh summery fruit available (although make sure it’s well protected from any bugs!).

For an easy and impressive picnic full of artisan goods, take a look at our range of gourmet picnic hampers.



The Drink


A Wimbledon celebration wouldn’t be complete without Pimm’s! A classic British summer drink since 1823 and served at Wimbledon for over four decades, it’s ingrained itself in garden party culture. Mix with lemonade and serve with mint, cucumber, and strawberries.

See our Pimm's Cream Tea Hamper for an authentic British experience complete with handmade scones and fruit cake!



Choose your favourite summery cocktails and practice your mixology skills!  A piña colada or tequila sunrise goes perfectly with some warm weather and tennis.



Needs no explanation, a warm cup of tea is essential at any British event, especially if you’re serving afternoon tea!



The Guests

Invite anyone and everyone you want! Good company is the most important part of a garden party. Friends, family, loved ones, and neighbors, the more the merrier.

Dress codes! While not a necessity, we think it makes the occasion so much fun if people get dressed up.

Whether it’s coming in their summer best, tennis outfits, or whimsical florals, it can make your tea party feel special and memorable (and also looks great in photos).


We hope these ideas help you to throw the Wimbledon garden party of your dreams! Don’t forget to check out our range of picnic hampers to help you celebrate.