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How to Thank Your Clients This Christmas

26 Oct 2022 by Sophie White

*This article was updated on 14/12/2022*

Read time: 5 mins


As the holidays approach and the end of another calendar year comes into view, it’s time to start thinking about how to thank your client this Christmas.

The most popular way to do this is by sending clients a Christmas message or a client Christmas gift.

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Why is thanking clients at Christmas so important?

  • It creates a positive association with your brand and businesses values, making customers less likely to switch to a competitor – Forbes research found that 43% of companies believed gift giving brought a substantial benefit to increasing customer loyalty
  • It helps to build a relationship between you and your client – one survey found that 63% of companies attributed better customer relationships to gift giving
  • It leaves a memorable and lasting impression – 66% of gift receivers can recall a brand name on a received promotional item after 1 year
  • It promotes goodwill and may even lead to increased client recommendations


And just how do you say thank you to your clients this Christmas? Here are our top suggestions:


1. Send Christmas cards with thank you messages for clients

Sending a thank you message to customers at Christmas via post is a personal and meaningful way to show your appreciation, more so than via email.

By sending a bespoke Christmas thank you card with your business’ design you’ll be able to increase brand awareness whilst also making your client feel valued.

Make sure to include a personal message thanking them for their business.

What should you say in your client Christmas card messages?

  • Be clear about why you’re thanking them – this could be for their continued loyal, service, the pleasure of working with them over the last 12 months or welcoming them on board
  • Make it personal yet professional – don’t use the message to promote your service, instead use it to promote a positive working relationship
  • Encourage all of your colleagues who work with the client to sign the card
  • Need some inspiration for your client Christmas message? Here are some ideas to get you started:
    • “Happy holidays to all at [client name]. Thank you for your continued support.”
    • “Sending Christmas greetings from our entire staff. We’re looking forward to serving you in earnest over the next year.”
    • “Best wishes for the season of joy. Thank you for trusting us with your [relevant service] needs.”
    • “It’s customers like you that make our job so enjoyable. Merry Christmas to all and best wishes for the year ahead.”

You can then either send the card out to their office in mid-December or slip this in with their festive order (if you send products to them).

Thank a client this Christmas with a traditional Christmas card.


2. Send them client gifts for Christmas

Sending client Christmas gifts is a great way to thank your customers and boost your working relationship.

In fact, 94% of top business executives believe that client gifting can impact a business relationship.

When sending Christmas thank you presents to clients, there are a few things to consider:

  • Your budget – how much are you willing to spend per client? Remember, it isn’t necessarily all about how much you spend on a client, rather the sentiment of the gift
  • Does your client’s spend threshold with you qualify them for a gift? Consider different size gifts for different client spends
  • Will your gift align with their individual or company values? A client following a vegan diet may not appreciate a cheese selection
  • How will you make it personal? It’s popular to include a gift card or Christmas client message alongside a gift

Not sure what to send? Here are some ideas:

  • A bottle of wine or bubbly
  • Personalised stationery with your company’s details – for example, a custom notebook
  • If you sell a physical product, you could send one or a selection of these as a gift for their team to enjoy
  • A Christmas food basket

Are client Christmas gifts tax deductible?

Christmas gifts that incorporate clear advertisement for the business, such as a branded notebook, can be tax deductible, however they must not exceed a value of £50.

If a Christmas gift contains tobacco, food, drink (unless these are part of your business) or a voucher exchanged for goods, it is not tax deductible.

Christmas cards and Christmas gifts to charities are tax deductible.

Send a thank you client gift this Christmas to create a positive association for the year ahead.


3. Take them out for a festive lunch or invite them to an event

For clients with a higher annual spend or those that are important to the business, you may consider inviting them to a festive lunch or an event.

This is a brilliant opportunity to thank them for their business whilst engaging them in conversation, asking them about their experience with your business over the last 12 months and solidifying your partnership for the following year.

This gives them a further positive association with you and the company itself.

You could also look at holding a festive event or dinner for prestigious clients, giving an opportunity for everyone to come together for an evening of fun to celebrate the year gone.

By thanking a client through an invitation to an event or Christmas lunch, you’re creating a memorable experience for them and building a further rapport.


4. Make a donation in their name

Embrace the true spirit of Christmas by giving to a cause that you believe in, or one that is important to your client.

By doing so in their name and selecting a charity aligned with their vision and values, you’re showing that you appreciate and understand their business and see them as a valued client.

This will likely build rapport between you and your client and may encourage further business in future.

A person holding a box

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A Christmas charity donation on behalf of a client shows that you value their business and causes important to them.


5. Post about them on social media

A positive social media presence can do wonders for the image of your company which can encourage prospective clients and even jobseekers to consider making contact with you.

By posting about them, you’re making an effort to publicly show your appreciation to them, which can benefit your working relationship and in turn, by giving them a spotlight, your post could be sending more traffic to their website and giving them more customers. This shows that you value their success.

Not sure what to post? This could be a simple thank you post, a photo of a meeting or a resharing of one of their posts. But don’t forget to tag them!

A thank you client post shows your client you appreciate them, whilst also building a positive social image of your company.


And whilst you’re looking for client Christmas gift ideas, it may be time to start planning your corporate Christmas gifts for employees too.

After all, 80% of companies have reported improved relationships with their employees or clients following gift giving.

Explore our company Christmas gifts range here and find more tips on celebrating Christmas with your team here.