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How To Pack Your Own Picnic Hamper

18 Jul 2022 by Sophie White

Read time: 6 mins.


Picnics seem to be synonymous with British summertime. But did you know that modern-day picnics were first seen in France?

After opening their royal parks to the public following a revolution in 1789, the ‘pique-nique’ became a fashionable French social occasion for which all guests would bring food to enjoy.

As many aristocrats fled France, they took their pique-nique traditions with them, leading to growing popularity on British shores.

Despite coming from a lavish origin, picnics can be as simple or as decadent as you desire.

Fancy a gourmet picnic basket that’s ready to go? We offer picnic hamper delivery UK wide. 

The important thing is to have food you enjoy and great company, whether that be through a picnic with friends, a picnic with family or a picnic for one with a good book.


But how do you create your own picnic hamper? Here are our top tips.


1. Choose your picnic container

A picnic basket or backpack are great ways to store your items and keep them secure on route to your picnic location.

If you would like to keep your drinks cool or are taking any refrigerated items, you’ll also need to think about bringing some ice packs or a cool bag, which can be placed inside your picnic basket.

When building your own picnic hamper, you’ll also need to consider:

  • Is the picnic box sturdy enough to keep bottles and heavy items secure?
  • Is there enough room for everything you want to take (including crockery, utensils and blankets)?
  • Which style would you like? If you want the feeling of a traditional picnic or a quintessential picnic look for photos, you could choose a wicker basket. There are also plenty of canvas, tartan, bamboo and multi-coloured fabric baskets on the market, all of which make for a charming picnic aesthetic.

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A picnic basket, backpack or cooler box are all suitable options for storing your picnic treats.


2. Fill your picnic box or basket with food and tipples

What food is good for picnics?

When deciding what to put in a picnic hamper it’s important to take into consideration the occasion for your picnic and who will be in attendance.

  • Planning a romantic picnic? Picnics for couples could include a bottle of wine, a tub of strawberries and some chocolate for sharing
  • Planning a picnic with the kids? Picnics for toddlers and children could include small portions of fruit, sandwiches and sweets for dessert
  • Planning a picnic for a special occasion? Picnics for Mother’s Day, birthdays or anniversaries could include a bottle of bubbly for toasting
  • Planning a picnic with the dogs? Picnics with a pup could include some canine-friendly treats so they don’t go munching all your snacks

The classic staples of homemade sandwiches, crisps, scotch eggs and sausage rolls are sure to be enjoyed but if you’re planning a more luxurious affair, you could also include some deli items.

A selection of cheeses, breads, dips and olives will make your picnic a splendid summer feast.