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How to choose the perfect Christmas gift for expats

18 Oct 2018

Wondering what to buy your far-flung family and friends this Christmas? From genuinely useful travel gifts to fancy British hampers to send abroad, these expat-friendly ideas might just fit the bill.

1. Food, glorious food

Luxury mince pies. A proper cup of tea (with biscuits for dunking). Freshly baked scones. Salt and vinegar crisps. Old school sweets. They might not miss the weather on this rainy little island, but expats will certainly miss the tastes - especially over the festive period. There’s nothing cliched about sending lovely plump packages filled with award-winning food from artisan producers in the UK for a Christmas treat. We specialise in the best British hampers to send abroad, getting straight to the heart of your favourite expatriate via their stomach and delivering to more than 50 countries around the world. From delightful afternoon tea treats to Pimm’s garden party packages, our luxe Christmas food hampers for British expats are as stylish and diverse as Blighty itself.

2. A regional keepsake

Something related to an expat’s old town - whether it’s a scarf in the local football team’s colours or a book on the region’s history - is sure to make them feel not-so-far-away this festive season. Perhaps there’s something they simply cannot buy wherever they are in the world? Whether that’s Irish hampers packed with that beloved black-and-white tipple to proper black pudding packages for your favourite Scottish expat, there’s nothing quite as powerful as the taste of home at Christmas.

3. Gift cards and subscriptions

They might be tarred with the ‘last-minute Christmas gift’ brush, but from Spotify subscriptions to Amazon vouchers, gift cards can be brilliantly useful for expats. They don’t take up a whole load of space, are easy to post and your recipient can buy exactly what they need with them - no need to worry about returning anything in the festive aftermath.

4. Travel-friendly gifts

If your expatriate friend or family member tends to move around a lot, travel gifts can be extremely handy. Foldable travel backpacks, selfie sticks, travel pillows, waterproof speakers, wash bags, language learning apps… they might seem like uninteresting Christmas gifts, but these are items every expat needs in their arsenal (but probably don’t want to spend money on themselves).

Getting gifts there: British hampers to send abroad

As well as what to buy, there’s always a handful of logistic aspects to consider when sending Christmas gifts to expats. How do I pick a present that isn’t going to weigh them down when travelling light? What about shipping? How can I be sure gifts to the other side of the world - such as hampers to Australia from UK post offices - arrive safe and sound?

Expect zero headaches with The British Hamper Company delivery service when it comes to getting your intended Christmas present to its chosen destination. We’ve been expertly shipping luxury food hampers within the UK and overseas for years, using top-level couriers for maximum peace of mind. Browse our luxurious British hampers to send abroad and spread the Yuletide joy across the shores this Christmas - costs even include courier deliveries. Who needs Santa?