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Unique Gluten-Free Gift Ideas

04 Jul 2024

Read Time: 4 minutes

Coeliac awareness is so important! Coeliac Awareness month takes place over May but it's vital that we dicuss it all year long.


There are many people out there who are suffering unexplained unpleasant symptoms but are yet undiagnosed.

(Around 1 in 100 people in the UK have coeliac disease but only 36% are diagnosed!)

That’s a lot of people! 

You’ll see information about the condition all over the place; on social media, in the press, at organised events and more (you might find in some restaurants the gluten-free choices are particularly highlighted), and yet there's so much people don't know.


What is coeliac disease?

It’s an autoimmune condition. The body’s immune system attacks its own tissues whenever gluten is eaten. The gluten damages the lining of the gut meaning nutrients from food aren’t absorbed very well, leading to an array of unpleasant symptoms. Untreated it can lead to very serious health issues.

The only treatment is a strict gluten free diet, for life. This will allow the gut to heal and absorb those essential nutrients.


Know someone with this condition?

If you do, then you’ll know how restrictive a GF diet can be.

Yes, there are many great GF foods out there but (speaking as a coeliac!) it’s still a bit of a pain to live with so, I have to admit, that makes coeliacs rather fond of a treat!

So, here we go…


Gluten Free Gift Ideas

1. Gluten free hamper

As a gourmet food hamper business we have become rather expert in the field of special dietary requirements!

Having a discerning (some may say picky?!) coeliac on the premises means ALL our GF products have been tried and tested!

As a result we have a wide and exciting range of gluten free hampers which make fantastic gifts. All beautifully presented and sent with your personalised message.

Imagine the delight of your recipient on opening the hamper and discovering a selection of top quality sweet and savoury artisanal GF treats.

We even have a cheese and wine hamper and a cream tea one – after all just because they’re GF, they don’t have to miss out on those tasty traditions!

You’ll find one to suit every occasion – from celebratory to the more serious and for all pockets too!

Absolutely no compromise on quality and taste, our GF hampers make joyful and thoughtful gifts.


2. Gift card for a coeliac-friendly restaurant

Eating out as a coeliac can be a challenge.

Nowadays many cafes and restaurants are good and safe for those following a GF diet, but there are some that are disappointing, either in their lack of GF options or in their attitude (sometimes dismissive/awkward/unaware).

You might already know your friend’s favourite - otherwise ask around, phone them, read their websites and reviews.

Do your research and your GF recipient will be bowled over by your thoughtfulness!


3. Membership to Coeliac UK

The national charity Coeliac UK (coeliac.org.uk) is an extremely helpful organisation, full of information and advice for the newly diagnosed, old-hands and families and friends.

Membership is a good idea as you’ll have access to a range of useful publications and many other services.


4. Make your own GF hamper

As well as our range of perfectly packed GF hampers, you have the option of choosing each treat and making up your own hamper.

First choose either one of our decorative gift boxes or a traditional wicker basket (all reusable!) – different sizes available.

Then decide how many GF items you’d like.

Add a gift message and we’ll do the rest!

It’s as simple as that!


5. GF recipe book

One of my favourite gifts I received as a newly-diagnosed coeliac was a GF baking recipe book. Being a cake lover I didn’t know where to begin... adapting ‘normal’ recipes didn’t always work so a recipe book filled with GF treats was perfect!


6. Letterbox GF cakes/biscuits

There are plenty of good bakeries out there specialising in baked GF treats, sent straight to your door!


7. Funny mug/chopping board/apron

We never tire of silly mugs and aprons and there are plenty in the world of GF! A lighthearted gift.

A chopping board may sound a bit un gift-like but it’s a thoughtful present (and you can get attractive ones!). For coeliacs there is a danger of cross contamination with gluten-containing foods so a separate chopping board is recommended.

Gluten-Free Mug by Whereswallart on Etsy


8. Bake your own

Nothing beats a homemade cake! It’s a touching gift. If you’re unfamiliar with GF ingredients and cooking, do a little research. It’s not as difficult as you think and your time and effort will be massively appreciated.


We hope that’s given you a few ideas for GF gifts.

If you’re going for a gluten-free hamper we’re ready to take your order! Reliable and fast delivery to the UK and worldwide.