Freaky Food From Around The World

Well this is definitely not for the faint hearted. If you’re just about to eat, close this page immediately. The only good thing about this blog is that it could aid a diet by putting you completely off your food. If grasshoppers and witchetty grubs weren’t outrageous enough, then take a look at the following unusual delicacies from around the world.

I’ve organised the list from bad to worse, (in my opinion) which was a massive struggle when I thought marmite and pickled eggs were rather ghastly.

Bucket at the ready!

1.. Khash, a rather unattractive dish from the Middle East consisting of stewed cow’s feet and head. Seems a bit strange to eat around a skull, but at least they’re economical, I suppose..

2.. Cockscombs – another food you’d never imagine could or would be eaten. Cockscombs is the crest (red fleshy growth) on top of a cock’s head. Apparently they are wonderful added to anything with a light sauce and also make for a great garnish…At least they’re colourful..

3.. Rocky mountain oysters – you may feel slightly cheated to learn that this American dish is in fact deep-fried bull testicles. I guess the old mantra waste not want not springs to mind..but still..urgh…

4.. Casu Marzu – also known as ‘rotten cheese’ is a cheese found in Sardinia that has basically gone off and is intentionally infested with maggots that bury into it and digest the fats. Cheese on toast anyone?

5.. Escamoles, also known as ‘insect caviar’ are a delicacy in Mexico. Escamoles are the edible larvae and pupae of ants, harvested from the tequila or mescal plant. Apparently, they have a buttery, almost nutty taste.

6.. Tuna eyeballs are a cheap treat in Japan. Not wanting to waste an edible part of the fish, the eyeballs can be boiled and seasoned with garlic and salt for a quick snack. Think I’d rather have some olives, thanks.

7.. Shirako is a Japanese dish consisting of the milt of various fish, mainly cod. In other words, the sperm sac of fish, filled with seminal fluid. You can have this dish raw, steamed or deep fried and it’s said to taste slightly custardy. I’ll stick to good old Ambrosia.

8.. Mexican Truffles – sounds delicious, but do not be deceived. Also known as Corn Smut, this delicacy is a fungus that grows on maize for about 3 weeks, transforming the lovely yellow corn kernels into discoloured, tumour like growths. It’s pretty offensive to the eyes.

9.. 100 Years Egg, a wonderful delicacy in China. Also known as century egg, this is a very rotten egg which is covered in clay, ash and salt for a few months until the yolk turns dark green and the white has turned brown. What’s wrong with the standard boiled egg?

10.. Hákarl – this Icelandic dish is basically the rotting carcass of a Greenland shark. It’s gutted and beheaded and buried for a couple of months in a shallow grave, covered and pressed with stones. It’s then hung out to dry for a few more months then cut into strips and served. It seems like a very laborious process for something so revoltingly rotten.

11.. Balut– forget pickled eggs. This delicacy from the Philippines is a fertilized duck egg, (complete with a partly developed and alive embryo) boiled then eaten everything from the shell, bones, feathers, beak – literally every single thing that has developed!

12.. Cobra heart – in Vietnam you can actually eat the still beating heart from a cobra. It’s so fresh the heart pumps on your tongue as you swallow it down. The worst part; you can actually bite the heart directly from the snake itself. Wash it down with a shot of cobra blood and then a shot of its green bile…Eat your heart out…

Hmm.. that’s about as much as I can stomach for now.


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Tracy S

1st time used this company. Lovely hamper. Well packaged. Delivery as planned. Will definitely use again. Thank you

Posted 1 week ago

Belinda N

Lovely English products. . .was devoured in a day!

Posted 1 month ago

Jan O

Beautifully packaged hamper for our gluten free friends. Feel sure they will be delighted when they open it on Christmas morning! Lovely to find gluten free goodies that look so tempting. Excellent service too.

Posted 1 month ago

Jacqueline T

I can only comment on the service and delivery ( which were both very good ). I have purchased this beautifully boxed hamper as a gift for christmas, so I'm hoping that the contents are as good as the above mentioned. Well packaged and arrived on my suggested date. Thank you.

Posted 1 month ago

Angela G

First time I have used this company. I chose my hamper from their web site but rang to place the order. The firm's operator was extremely helpful, even ringing me back when the phone cut off. The hamper was delivered as it said the next day. As it was a thank you gift I didn't see the hamper but the recipients were delighted with its presentation and contents. I would most certainly recommend this company and would be more than happy to use their services again. Excellent.

Posted 1 month ago

Jeremy H

I particularly liked the Gluten Free Offering, which seems to be an increasing trend, although in our case and absolute medical requirement - not a lifestyle choice. So, thank you for providing this and the products offered were very appreciated and new to my wife.

Posted 1 month ago

Nicola C

I used this company to send a hamper to my sister in Australia , the hamper contained a few English items I knew she was missing. The service was fantastic , it arrived very quickly and was packaged very well , it was a great success and I would definitely use the company again.

Posted 1 month ago

Renee M

I sent a Hamper to the US and couldn't believe how quickly it was delivered 3 days in total most impressed. Our daughter was over the moon with this gift and absolutely loved the design of the box. Great to be able to send British products overseas will definitely use again.

Posted 1 month ago


My friends were absolutely thrilled when their hamper arrived and described it as "a huge box with classy wrapping and a beautiful navy blue bow, filled with lovely treats." "Exquisite in every way","so professional" and "perfect" were just some of their additional comments. I really want to thank you so much Sam for all your help and suggestions - you made arranging their hamper so easy and a very pleasant experience for me as well - one that I intend to repeat! 5 Stars Plus. Colleen, New Zealand

Posted 1 month ago

David P

What a wonderful company to deal with. I found the website very easy to use and then put in a telephone order in which I was dealt with in a helpful and polite way by the lady on the phone. The hamper arrived the next day and was very well received. 10/10

Posted 1 month ago

Maria A

Excellent service, could not be any happier.

Posted 1 month ago

Edward T

After a failed order from Betty's Tea Room to ship to Singapore, I found The British Hamper Company and ordered a hamper for my brother. It arrived 2.5 days later (I ordered it on a Monday afternoon and it was received in Singapore before 11:00 loccal time on Thursday). And best of all, the prices shown included delivery, so there were no nasty surprises when going to the checkout. Very good service and my brother was very happy with his present. Will be using these guys again for orders to international family ( Singapore, Australia, US).

Posted 1 month ago

Dale B

Amazing Christmas hamper with a wide range of treats and great alcohol brands. Brilliant value.

Posted 1 month ago


Our friends in Dubai were delighted with their sweet hamper- said packaging was beautiful too. Extremely fast service and would definitely recommend. Many thanks

Posted 1 month ago

Helen C

Great service - good value products and quick delivery. The only downside was communications from customer service were lacking as I didn't know when a hamper had been despatched or delivered (although I was given a way to track this with the courier company themselves)

Posted 1 month ago

Michael T

Hamper was ordered for some friends in the United States. I was a bit sceptical about the stated delivery it looked really quick! The hamper was indeed delivered on the exact date specified and our friends were delighted with the quality of the contents :) Mike T (United Kingdom)

Posted 1 month ago

Naman P

Great service , No fuss and my relatives loved everything in the hamper. I will use you again . Thank you so much ????

Posted 1 month ago

Samantha E

Ordered for delivery to my sister in Florida. kept well informed throughout and hamper delivered on time. Sister loved the hamper and reminded her of home. Thankyou

Posted 1 month ago

Samantha E

Ordered for delivery to my sister in Florida. kept well informed throughout and hamper delivered on time. Sister loved the hamper and reminded her of home. Thankyou

Posted 1 month ago

Moira D

Our friends were delighted with the hamper as it had British items. The arrival time was very good and the whole service excellent as we were kept informed of what was happening. We would be happy to use this service again in the future.

Posted 1 month ago

Christine W

Sent hampers to USA. They were over the moon with them.

Posted 2 months ago

Gillian B

Ordered the Classic Retro Sweet Hamper for delivery to the Netherlands and it arrived promptly. It was packaged beautifully and the recipients were over the moon with it. Great Job and would definately order again

Posted 2 months ago

Andrew B

Excellent, arrived on time in Australia, Packed beautifully, in true British style. Contents delicious. My daughter loved it, a reminder of home when she is so Far away. Will definitely be using this great company again.

Posted 2 months ago

Rich F

Bought as a gift, recipient was very pleased with contents

Posted 2 months ago

Jane H

I found this service excellent. Just what my cousin in Australia needed to brighten her up.

Posted 2 months ago

Stuart M

This was a lovely, delicious hamper sent to our gluten free friend who absolutely loved it. He shared it with the WHOLE family and I have heard nothing but positive comments from all of the family. This is a VERY good idea for people that are allergic to wheat. Will definitely be ordering again

Posted 2 months ago

deborah h

I have ordered Hamers as presents from The Netherlands to be sent to Italy and England to the great surprise and Delight of the recipient's. Their feedback to me was: The quality was excellent, the quaintly was generous and everything was beautifully packed.. What more could a person wish for, Thank You.

Posted 2 months ago

Susan J

My sister loved the hamper I sent her. I was disappointed though that it did not contain the flapjack biscuits as they are divine. A second fruit cake had been substituted so no loss of items in the contents Thank you

Posted 2 months ago

Jo O

Excellent service. So fast and efficient, my relatives in Canada were delighted with the contents of their hamper and thrilled with the surprise. The tracking service was fascinating to follow, I could picture my hamper as it travelled through all the checkpoints and it arrived 2 days before it's predicted delivery date. Will definitely use this company again.

Posted 2 months ago

Tanya A

I purchased this hamper for my daughter and her family. I understand that it was enjoyed by them all. I wanted to get them something that they could all share. I would definitely purchase from you again and I believe that my daughter would too,

Posted 2 months ago

Claire A

Good choice of hampers with great treats inside. The hamper I ordered was a gift which was delivered to friends in France very quickly.

Posted 2 months ago

Laura C

Staff always very friendly, helpful and accommodating with any request. Great products too!

Posted 2 months ago

Martin B

We were very happy with our selection, it went down well!

Posted 2 months ago


It is a pity the rating only goes up to 5 stars, the service from the British Hamper Company is worthy of much more. From my first order all the way through to the delivery in Japan, everything was first class. I will be ordering a Christmas hamper soon. Highly recommended, thank you. Mr E. Green.

Posted 2 months ago

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