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Fine Wine Experience Review

08 Jun 2018

High quality, great taste, superb provenance; three phrases that encapsulate the wine experience membership packages provided by 3D Wines. With a product ethos mirroring that of The British Hamper Company we jumped at the opportunity to provide an informal tasting review. In the warm evening sun,  a gourmand’s BBQ sizzling, family and friends chatting and not one Wine Spittoon in sight we eagerly began our very own 3D Wines experience.

Michel Lenique – Champagne Cuvée 3D    

First up before the BBQ, the evening chatter and birdsong was briefly interrupted by the pop of a cork, a scattered cheer and the flow of bubbles. This exclusive champagne, enjoyed with rosemary and garlic olives from Olives Et Al, was specially created by 3D Wines from a high proportion of Chardonnay grapes which are sourced from small, famous vineyards in the Côte des Blancs. The champagne, with its lovely fine bubbles and its fresh apple nose was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Sancerre – Cuvée Caillottes

A wonderful white wine enjoyed by everyone! We brought this slightly chilled Sancerre out after the Champagne to accompany cod, tomato and prawn kebabs. With its floral, fruity tones and light citrus bouquet it worked excellently with the fish and whilst the bottle drained and we continued to marvel at its deliciousness we all agreed it would also make a superb lunch wine.

Saumur-Champigny Les 3 Jean

Onto the second Loire Valley wine of the evening which we found to be soft with blackcurrant and cherry aromas. This easy drinking, fresh red was again enjoyed by all. One of the unique aspects of 3DWines is the fact its wines are usually exclusive and available through its ‘rent a row’ membership subscription. Membership to 3D Wines provides the opportunity to experience the very best wines from renowned wine regions, which have been expertly sourced over the company’s 20 year history. With membership options beginning at £89 wine lovers are partnered with a region of their choice in France, Italy or New Zealand where they have the choice of simply purchasing and drinking each exclusive wine or they can immerse themselves in the full wine experience by visiting the vineyards, meeting the owners and sampling and collecting their wines direct.

Arteliquida Rosso

This Tuscan red wine was truly remarkable! Smooth with rich black fruits – raisins, plum, blackcurrants, culminating in a lingering, spicy end. This wine, created using a rare Tuscan variety of grape called Mavasia Nera, was enjoyed by the entire party towards the end of the evening.
Whilst a second bottle could have easily been shared, we were left with a very happy disposition towards these wines and the high quality experience 3D Wines provides.
From a gift giving perspective 3D Wines provides the perfect solution for those recipients who have a real interest and appreciation of fine wine, from those wanting to experience and learn more from wine to connoisseurs who know which regional wine they love. Find out more about 3D Wines and look at the full tasting notes of the wines we enjoyed so much by clicking here.