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Everything You Need to Know About Father's Day - Your Questions Answered

04 May 2023

On Sunday 16th June 2024, we celebrate Father’s Day.

An annual event, it’s all so familiar and it's widely considered an opportunity to give your father figure Father's Day gifts and hampers, but how much do you really know about this special day?

Start learning about Father's Day with these key facts:


  • Why do we celebrate Father's Day?

Father’s Day is celebrated to recognise the contribution that fathers and father figures make to the lives of children.

  • Where does Father's Day come from?

It is thought to have been invented by Sonara Smart Dodd from Washington, USA, as a tribute to her dad who raised his 6 children on his own after his wife died during childbirth.

She felt fathers should be recognised as well as mothers and petitioned her local community and government to change this.


  • When did Father's Day start?

The first unofficial Father’s Day celebration was held on 19th June 1910 in Spokane, Washington USA.

During World War 2 advertisers used Father’s Day to promote the troops out on the field and then here in Britain we followed America and started to celebrate it.

  • How do you know what date Father's Day will be on each year?

Here in the UK we always celebrate it on the 3rd Sunday in June.



  • Is Father's Day celebrated worldwide?

Over 111 countries celebrate Father’s Day.

Many celebrate it on the 3rd Sunday in June but others celebrate it throughout the year on dates that are important to them traditionally.

In the UK it is not a public holiday but in other countries it’s a recognised public and national holiday.


  • How to celebrate Father's Day if you haven’t a dad around?

Father’s Day recognises and honours all role models playing the father role.

Mums, grandfathers, uncles, step-dads, anyone whom you hold  special regard!

  • How do you celebrate Father's Day?

With messages, cards (VERY popular)  and gifts and spending time with your dad/special person if possible.

Days out, coffees out and meals out (or in!).

The most popular gift in Britain for Father’s Day , apparently, is the good old tie whether it’s a funny one or a classic one!

Seems a bit obvious but the next popular gifts are socks, wallets, food and alcohol!

Cards and gifts made by children are always highly appreciated and cherished.

Home-made gift vouchers are thoughtful gifts. You might promise to wash the car,  bring breakfast in bed, cook a meal or do some gardening….the list is endless!

How about a Father's Day food hamper?!

We have a great range of hampers suitable for the father figure in your life! Check us out.

And finally...did you know these facts about fathers?

  • Male seahorses carry the female’s eggs until they hatch.
  • Research in Germany in 2015 showed that the most tuneful nightingales paid the most attention to their babies.
  • Most babies say ‘dada’ or ‘dad’ as their first words than ‘mama’ or ‘mum’.
  • In 2021 we sent 21 million cards to our dads (according to Greeting Card Association).
  • 35% of Brits say ‘dad’ jokes make them feel happy (according to Moonpig) so………


A. When it becomes apparent.