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Delicious Alchemy Gluten Free Bread Mix Review

22 Mar 2016

We have good reason to keep sampling the best gluten free products we can find – there’s a demanding coeliac on the team and we send a lot of gluten free hampers to customers around the world. Delicious Alchemy White Bread Mix This Delicious Alchemy white bread mix was sent to us by another supplier who thought it might suit us. Delicious Alchemy is a small business based in Sheffield led by coeliac, Emma Killilea. Since its start in 2006, Emma has built a range of high quality, award winning products free from gluten, artificial flavours and colours and GM ingredientsBritish Hamper Company Testing of Delicious Alchemy's White Bread Mix We baked the mix in the kitchen at home one evening last week, so apologies for the amateur photography! One of the most notable characteristics of this mix is that it is very easy to use. Just open the packet, add a little oil and water and mix. Turn the mix into a bread tin (my bread tin was a little big, a smaller one would have made a taller loaf) and smooth the top. I didn’t do this very well as you can see from the photos, but my mix was quite sticky and I was beginning to do more harm than good. I had also hoped that the rising and baking process would smooth out my shoddy workmanship instead of setting it rigid for all to ridicule later! Fresh from the Oven - Delicious Alchemy White Bread MixI left the mix to rise (slightly) in its tin for 40 minutes and then baked it slowly for 90mins – it rose well during this slow baking. The loaf dropped out of the tin easily, sliced well (great crust) and was thoroughly enjoyed hot with butter and a good Strawberry Jam from Thursday Cottage. The following day it was enjoyed cold with cheese and toasted very well too. Unfortunately I can’t report on its shelf life because it was nothing but a happy memory within about 18 hours of baking! Currently we don’t do any mixes in our Gluten Free Hampers, but this might be our first! Delicious Alchemy Bread Mix Review by The British Hamper Company