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Buying a Gift For a British Expat

14 Nov 2017

*This article was updated on 19/08/2022*


When it comes to buying a gift for a British Expatriate, there seems to be a common theme that certainly meets with the recipient's delight – a stirring of home thoughts from abroad.

For all the wealth of choice around these days, nothing is greeted with as much pleasure (it would appear), than a present that truly represents the homeland left behind.

The lifestyle enjoyed is not one that many complain about, but for all the luxury in the home and on the doorstep, there is always a part that longs for home.

There's nothing like enjoying time at home with family.


From the nostalgia of a historical photograph or map, through to the simplicity of a tea mug, many of Britain’s Expats are undoubtedly happy with their surroundings and are also a patriotic bunch too.

No matter where in the world one decides to settle, and irrespective of the time of life, it appears that when it comes to receiving a special gift, a reminder of good old Blighty can be a sure winner.


There’s the local influence of the Expat’s old town that could be the theme. Now, what could possibly fail here?

A photograph of the old town hall, the football team’s shirt, or a book on the area’s history. All simple reminders and symbols of home and heritage.


The gift of food is another that seldom fails to strike a chord with British Expats.

Much loved – and equally missed – the tastes of home are always gratefully received.

The simple things such as tea, biscuits, crisps – and even marmite – are longed after by the Expats, but there’s also a more refined method of gift giving here that is extremely popular.

Sampling our afternoon tea range, featuring Lincolnshire Tea, Hawskhead Relish jam, and Shortbread House of Edinburgh's buttery shortbread.


Gift hampers are a sure-fire way of providing the recipient far away with a perfect little box of home.

Available in many different sizes, themes and price ranges, they represent much of what is great about Britain – style, quality, diversity and great tasting.

Despite the strong British influence and presence across the globe, there really is nothing quite like the taste of home – as those missing such comforts will tell you.  


Fancy sending one of our British artisan food hampers to your favourite expat?

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