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Best Countries For Vegans

06 Jul 2023

The interest in veganism has grown massively across the globe over the last 19 years.

Did you know?

  • The number of vegans worldwide in 2023 is approximately 88 million (1% of the world’s population).
  • In the UK itself the number of vegans has quadrupled over the past 5 years! (statista.com)
  • The countries at the forefront for supporting veganism are UK, Israel, Australia, Austria and New Zealand (Google Trends)

Veganism is growing in popularity worldwide but some countries have gone above and beyond in their efforts to embrace it. Good news for vegans wanting to travel! 

Veganism around the world

In this blog we’ll take a look at some of these countries where, as a vegan, you can feel relaxed and understood.

We’ve focused on food – well we would wouldn’t we?!  Being a food hamper company that specialises in vegan food hampers, we recognise the importance of good food! The pleasure and fun it brings.


But first some top tips for travelling vegans:

  • Check out vegansociety.com. This is the world’s oldest vegan charity and it offers all sorts of advice and support re veganism including TRAVEL. They’ll point you to websites on vegan holidays, hotels and vegan-friendly travel businesses.
  • Get a copy of ‘The Vegan Passport’. It’s stocked by this charity and is extremely helpful when travelling. It’s a pocket-sized book describing what vegans DO and DON’T eat in languages of over 96% of the world’s population!
  • Remember to book your airline food, if provided.

Best countries at recognising veganism: 



India’s regarded by many as the vegetarian capital of the world but it’s fast adapting to veganism too..

Many of their traditional dishes are naturally vegan, try alu gobi, vegetable biryani, dosa and dal.

Vegan cities that stand out are Mumbai with its large number of vegan restaurants, Bengaluru (also known as Bangalore) with its vibrant vegan scene and Chennai (awarded the most vegan friendly city in India).



According to a study the number of people changing to veganism has increased by 600% over the last few years.

There are over 30,000 vegan restaurants in this country. Stand out cities include San Francisco, New York, Portland and Seattle.



As the desire for  healthy lifestyles and interest in environmentalism grows so too has the veganism movement and you’ll find a good variety of vegan friendly restaurants over here.

Try Sydney, which has the most vegan establishments, Melbourne and Sunshine Coast which is home to Australia’s first vegan grocery store.



Despite New Zealand being a big exporter of pasture-fed meat, the interest in veganism is growing at a rapid rate.

More and more vegan friendly restaurants are opening.

Auckland has an excellent choice of interesting restaurants and even has vegan ice cream shops. Wellington too, with its lovely vegan cafes and bakeries.



You’ll find it quite easy as a vegan in Sweden. Over here it’s said that half of the population is willing to try veganism!  According to one study,  they’re eating  the lowest amount of meat since 1990.

So you’ll find a large number of vegan friendly supermarkets, grocery stores and restaurants everywhere.




Germany is considered a progressive country when it comes to environmental issues and animal rights and you’ll find an open-minded attitude towards veganism, making it an easy country to travel to as a vegan.

It’s actually home to some of the world’s leading vegan brands.

You’ll find great vegan restaurants in much of this country but particularly in  Berlin and Hamburg.



Fiercely protective of animal rights and interested in health matters, Austria now has a vegan population of 1.4%  and it’s growing.

You’ll find a good variety of vegan restaurants all over but particularly Vienna, Salzburg and Graz.


Let’s finish by saying don’t let veganism restrict you in your travels!

As the vegan movement is growing worldwide so will the awareness of it, making travelling easier all the time.

Do your homework before you leave, pack a few essentials just in case.

Let us know your vegan experiences if you travel – we’d love to hear and it could be helpful.

And if you've visited a vegan abroad, say thank you for their hospitality by sending one of our vegan food hampers which can be delivered internationally!